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LINE Cookie Run: How to unlock every single cookie and pet in the game

LINE Cookie Run features a whole host of gingerbread-esque cookies, all of which have different powers, and all of which are typically very expensive and (normally) require you to spend a lot of crystals. Every different cookie can be unlocked, though, meaning that they are purchased using coins. Read on to find out how to get every pet and cookie in the game!

Bright Cookie: Get a high enough score.
Strawberry Cookie: Get 3 friends (must be signed into the LINE app to do this one).
Cream Cookie: Reach experience level 8.
Cloud Cookie: Get 5 pets.
Buttercream Choco Cookie: Get a high enough score.
Coffee Cookie: Reach experience level 15.
Boarder Cookie: Score 300,000 points.
Princess Cookie: Upgrade your Jelly to Level 15

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Knight Cookie: Upgrade Energy to Level 15
Muscle Cookie: Score 450,000 points.
Zombie Cookie: Get 50 friends with LINE.
Angel Cookie: Reach experience level 30.
Ninja Cookie: Score 600,000 points.
Pirate Cookie: Get 100 friends who play the game.
Skating Queen Cookie: Reach experience level 35.
Hero Cookie: Get 120 friends.

For unlocking cookies, this means that you can then purchase them with coins, rather than crystals. Also, be sure to check the limited time events, as many times, they will allow you to get free cookies as a reward. Get gift points and fill up the bar for a chance to unlock free cookies, as well.

There are 4 grades of pets, C, B, A and S. C pets are the Forgotten Stocking, Cheeseberry, Double Bubble, Rainbow’s End and the Drop of Choco. B grade pets are the Dust Unicorn, Hat of Santa, Electric Beat, Rare Garlic, Cozy Yarn, Mocha Delight and Witty Dumbbell. A grade pets are Lucky Dice, Dragon’s Tail, Brain Gum, Wishing Star and Flowercopter. S grade pets are the Jellyco Cube, Enchanted Locket, Snow Blossom, GingerGhost and Pirate’s Bomb.

Hatch a Common Egg for a B-C level pet, a Rare Egg for A-B level pet, or an Extra Rare egg for a A-S level pet.

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