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Flappy Wings – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies, Page 2

One of the best ways to get a really high score on Flappy Wings is to go play one of the more difficult Flappy Bird clones, such as City Bird or Flying Cyrus, for awhile. Play that, and then come back to this game and it will seem FAR easier to play compared to these ones. If you still play Flappy Bird, then the same is true for that one as well.

Your bird will poop constantly. There is no way to make your bird poop more or less; it just happens randomly, regardless of whether or not you tap to jump.

Unlike Flappy Bird, your bird falls EXTREMELY quickly in this game once you let go of the screen. If you are going from a high pipe to a low pipe, time your fall so that it happens a good distance after you pass the high pipe, rather than having it happen too early and crashing into the pipe.

If the BPM strategy is hard to figure out, then another good tip is to let your bird fall a little bit below the opening of the next pipe, then bounce back upward just in time to make it through the opening. Your bird is much easier to control when bouncing upward slowly.

There are plenty of ways to hack Flappy Wings in order to cheat and get a high score. The highest possible score in the game is 5,000, though, and then the game stops counting. Only a few people in the top players list, which is in Apple’s Game Center, have done 5,000, most likely by hacking, so it will take a VERY long time to get to that level.

After you unlock every different bird color by rating the game (or by tapping on the “rate the game” popup, and then not rating it), go to the title screen in between games. You will notice when you do this that the title of the game will always be in the same two colors as the bird that pops up when you play again.

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