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Flappy Bird – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Part 2

5) Play Flappy Bird on an Android device, rather than an iOS device, if possible.
Currently, Flappy Bird is easier to play on Androids, rather than iOS devices, according to Dong Nguyen, the creator of the game. This might not be true in the future, once he releases an update to the game, but at the present moment, Androids are where you can play the game and score highly much easier than on iOS devices.

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4) Play Flappy Bird on a tablet, rather than a phone, if possible.
The bigger the screen, the better that you will be able to judge the distances and the locations of the pipes. Plus, it will be much easier to not be distracted by the ads that float around on the screen, and it will be easier to ignore your score. Staring at your score is a HUGE distraction.

3) Let yourself drop a little bit between pipes.
This is an alternate way to do things. Sometimes, your bird’s location can be FAR easier to control if you are bouncing up rather than down or even straight. So drop a little bit, then as you approach the pipe, bounce your bird upwards slightly, just enough to pass the next pipe.

2) Where to time your drops in between pipes
If you want to do it the most effectively, here’s where to time your drops and your jumps. Drop right to the front of the mouth of the pipe (the fat part where the pipe would theoretically be “open” if this were a Mario game), and when you are next to it, bounce. Then bounce when you are right in between the two pipes. Repeat for every possible pipe.

1) If all else fails, go ahead and hack the game.
Don’t do any of those stupid survey hacks. Just get some sort of file exploring program, such as iExplorer if you are using an iOS device. Then start rifling through the Flappy Bird folder until you find the file called “atlas”. Open the atlas file and change the values of the up pipe and the down pipe so that they are identical, and you’ll make all but the very edge of the lip of the pipe disappear. Mess around in other ways too to see what you can do.

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