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LINE Cookie Run – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Page 2

5) Upgrade your cookie and your pet to increase their attributes.
Upgrading your cookie will increase his or her energy, and will also improve whatever special attribute that they have (each cookie having a different special attribute). Each pet also has their own benefit that they give to your character. Upgrade them to improve this benefit even further.

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4) Find the right cookie/pet match for a large combo bonus.
A combo bonus will give you more points for every round that you play. To get the combo bonus you need to have the right combination of pet and cookie. Go to the Pet Book (which is inside the pet store area) and tap on any of the pets. Their profiles will show which cookie will give them the combo bonus.

3) Spend your crystals on buying new pets.
Don’t spend them on cookies, because every cookie can be unlocked by accomplishing a certain feat, such as a high score or a specific number of friends on LINE. Instead, spend them on pets, because certain pets can be had for a major bargain and can increase your points and your coins massively (especially Cozy Yarn, which can be had from either the common egg or the rare egg).

2) Get crystals quickly by spending your coins on double EXP and running as fast as you can.
Double XP bonuses are shockingly cheap to buy – only 800 coins apiece, and they help you gain levels extremely quickly. The faster you gain levels, the faster that you can load up on crystals. Each level gained is worth one crystal, and will also earn you a full free energy refill.

1) Always check the events in your mailbox to see what’s going on.
There are always new events popping up, and the rewards consist of anything from free coins to free crystals, free pets, free cookies and free boosts. Always look at the events page to see what the prizes of the week are.

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