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Cookie Wars: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Cookie Wars, formerly known as Cookie Run: Cookie Wars, is a new MMO strategy game in the vain of Clash Royale for the iOS and Android platforms by Devsisters. This game, which is a sequel to Cookie Run: OvenBreak, puts you and your team of cookies against the Jellywalkers and other assorted villains. You can put together the strongest team possible of rare A-grade and S-grade cookies, collect coins and gems, and go through both the story mode and PvP mode, as well as limited-time events and quests. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cookie Wars!

Your team needs to be a balanced mix of units in order to get the best results. Not everything can be a high-mana unit or a strong tank. Spells are needed to prevent swarms of enemies. Send in tanks and then send weak swarm units with strong attacks behind them so that the tank can soak up all of the damage and the swarmers can unleash the maximum amount of attack damage.

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However, load your team up with the highest letter-grade cookies possible, just as long as you can keep it balanced. The higher the letter grade of your team, the better that their stats tend to be. Each time that you summon new cookies, compare them to the stats of your current cookies to see which ones you should keep and which ones you should swap out.

Leveling up is mainly done through battle itself, although you can use level-up items such as EXP potions in order to speed things along, or if you have some units that you don’t mind sacrificing, you can sacrifice them too, although they won’t provide near as much experience. Enhancing units increases their letter grade and can be done if you have the right enhancement ingredients, plus a duplicate unit.

Pets can be paired up with specific cookies in order to provide boosts. Once you tab over to the pets area in the team management area, boxes will appear next to some of your cookies. Drag specific pets over to the boxes in order to equip your cookies with said pets. Boosts include anything from hit point gains to their own special attacks that they perform when you place a cookie in battle.

Head over to the events tab to see all kinds of limited-time quests and battles that you can participate in. They’re usually time-sensitive, but complete these, and then come back and collect the rewards. You can do this and collect all sorts of prizes, including gigantic amounts of gems for free – like $50 worth of free gems.