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Case Chase: CSGO Case Clicker – How to get loads of cash, rare cases and rare skins

Case Chase: CSGO Case Clicker, formerly Case Clicker, is a new clicker game with a style and subject that’s an homage to Counterstrike, where you tap to collect money, and you tap to collect cases. Your goal is to get the rarest cases and the rarest weapons, as well as weapons with StatTrak, but it can be a bit tough to get good stuff when there’s such a big flood of horrible skins and cases. Read on for some tips on getting the good stuff in CS GO Case Simulator!

The best way to get a ton of cash (obviously including the more cash per click upgrades) is to tap for a really, really long time, because of the way the combo system works. Look to the left side of the cash tapping screen and you will see the combo multiplier slowly building up, from 1.01 to 1.02 etc. It can literally build up endlessly, so although it’s tedious, you can eventually be at 5.00, 10.00 etc.

You can only get the basic cases before purchasing the upgrades in the upgrade store. Purchase the unlocks in the store to start adding more and more cases to the upgrade list. You’ll see them start to get added to the mix every time that you earn a case. They’ll gradually build up to give you better and better cases, and as you unlock the various new upgrade silver/gold/platinum/etc ranks, even more upgrades will show up.

Beyond that, upgrade the items themselves. Purchase all of the upgrades that give you a better shot at finding a knife, and knives tend to be rarer than guns. Purchase the StatTrak upgrades for a better shot at finding the more expensive StatTrak weapons. And do the arms deals when you get 10 weapons of the same color. They will trade 10 weapons for a better weapon.

Another way to earn a good amount of cash applies after you purchase the auto-earning upgrades. While they don’t earn much in the 20 minutes or so that you can be offline (pre-offline time upgrades). But if you are going to be away from the phone for awhile, leave the screen on with the game up so that it can keep earning money indefinitely.

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Be sure to make use of the tapping power ups, the daily reward and other good stuff that can be had by viewing ads, whenever you play the game. The tapping power-up is a good lead in to making a big combo as well. Even though it only lasts for 45 seconds, tap rapidly with two fingers and you can make a whole lot out of it.