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CS GO Case Simulator: Guide – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies, Part 3

5) When you unlock a whole bunch of good cases, that gives you the freedom to just let bad cases sit there. Tap and tap and get yourself a whole load of cases, then only shell out the $2.50 apiece to unlock the good ones, and leave the lame/blue ones alone. That will increase your chance of getting rare and/or expensive weapons by a HUGE amount.

4) Achievement unlocks will earn you a ton of extra cash. There are three secret areas to tap that can earn you achievements. One of them is the logo of the game itself. The other is the current rank you are in the upgrade store – for example, silver nova, etc. Tap them and it won’t look like anything happens at first, but then the achievement will unlock and you can get some free cash for that.

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3) If you are doing the jackpot and you accidentally start off to hot, and you don’t have the weapons to keep it going, stop the jackpot. The jackpot will stay stopped for as long as you want it to so that you can then go and open more cases, get more weapons and stickers, and then sacrifice them to increase your percentage chance of winning.

2) Be sure to claim your daily prize every day. You’ll have to watch an ad video in order to do so, but then you will be able to claim it. Sometimes it will be a very rare gun, such as a red one or even a gold one. Rare ones can be worth 100s, thousands or 10,000s per pop.

1) The stickers can be worth just as much as the cases. Look for the rare sticker capsules to contain rare stickers at a far greater rate than the rare souvenirs give you rare guns. They may cost a lot of money, but a good rare sticker can be the equivalent of winning a huge jackpot in the jackpot section of the game after you unlock that.

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