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Idle Lumber Empire (Lumber Inc) – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Idle Lumber Empire, also known as Lumber Inc, is a new idle tycoon game for the iOS and Android platforms that put you in charge of a lumber warehouse. Your goal is to purchase and upgrade various facilities around the warehouse such as the workshop, the debarker, and the outdoor area where the lumberjacks collect the wood, and to rack up money, biz points, diamonds, and a whole lot more bonuses as you go. You can move from warehouse to warehouse and build larger and wealthier facilities, jet impossibly rich, and become a true lumber tycoon.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Idle Lumber Empire, or Lumber Inc!

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The whole goal of the game is simply to upgrade your lumberjacks, hire new ones, build and upgrade at various other facilities such as the debarker, and more. as far as the upgrades go, your most impactful upgrades will be evolution upgrades, which generally happen every 25th upgrade level. Make the evolution your goal, because you will instantly receive a big multiplier when you evolve it.

Additionally, look around and see what other upgrades you can do, such as refinishing a facility, or upgrading your forklifts and other vehicles. upgrading vehicles saves time off of the way that it takes them to move lumber from one area of the warehouse to the other, which speeds up your income and adds up overtime.

Once you start getting cards and hiring managers, be sure to fill every possible managerial slot as quickly as possible before you start upgrading your managers. Managers will significantly increase your income, and by extension, they will greatly increase the effect that each upgrade has.

One thing that they will not do, however, is automate your continual job of having to wake up in the truck driver and the forklift operators. You have to do that yourself. If you don’t do that, though, income will still come in; it will just take a little bit longer.

One of the best ways to make progress in this game is to go offline for a little while, come back and upgrade everything you can, and then repeat the process. Offline income fills up just as quickly as online income, but you’re likely going to be doing something else while waiting for the income to buy a lot, making it seem to go by faster and leading to rapid cash influxes.

Biz points are required in order to upgrade your managers, and you can only acquire them by filling orders. For this reason, try to fill orders as soon as they come in so that you can maximize the biz points. Otherwise, you will end up with more manager upgrade cards than you can use.

Additionally, be sure to follow the missions at the top of the screen, at least while you’re new to the game. Follow these and then collect the rewards and you will end up with coins, diamonds, and more goodies.

When do you get to the point in your warehouse where you can’t really build anything new anymore, you will have the opportunity to upgrade and move to a new warehouse. The new warehouse will have to be started again from scratch, and all of your cash will be lost, but all of your diamonds, biz points, and managers will still remain. Additionally, there will be a significant income multiplier when you move to a new warehouse.