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Iron Throne: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Iron Throne is a new MMORTS for the iOS and Android platforms by Netmarble. Iron Throne presents various battle strategies, from the traditional RTS passive systems to active RPG-style battles between armies. You can earn food, wood, stones, iron, silver, and gold, build up your troops and your defenses to defend against and to dominate other players, and make your way through single-player quests. Read on for some tips and tricks for Iron Throne!

As you make your way through the very long tutorial, you’ll earn a massive amount of free-resource boosts that you can use to add to your resources whenever you want. While it might be tempting to activate them immediately, wait until you hit a point where you need them in order to build your next building in order to finish a quest, or (especially with food) where you need them to train and maintain your troops. If your resources aren’t activated yet, then they can’t be stolen by other players.

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When you are making your way through the tutorial, don’t just do the one upgrade that the tutorial asks you to do. Do as many upgrades as you can possibly do all at once. Not only will you finish more quests this way, but you’ll speed up your progress through the tutorial, allowing you to get to the real game much more quickly.

Battling against other players, and against monsters, is a numbers game as much as anything. Train as many troops as you can, because the more of them that you have and the more of them that you train, the better that you will do against other players. Other battles, though, require you to pick 10 troops, so you’ll be best served knowing what their weaknesses are and being able to counter against them.

Upgrade your warehouse as high as you can as soon as you can. The warehouse protects a specific number of resources from being stolen by another player, and the higher you upgrade it, the more of your resources are protected. Your warehouse upgrades are going to typically be at the same level as your citadel upgrades, so upgrade the two concurrently for best results.

Even if you are an active attacker and you don’t spend much time waiting around to gather resources, load up all of your resource spaces with farms, lumber yards, quarries, iron mines, silver mines, and barracks. This frees you from having to go on the attack in order to gather resources, and it gives you a way to come back quickly when your resources get stolen from you by other players.