Rev Heads Rally: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Rev Heads Rally is a new racing game for the iOS and Android platform where racing and weapons usage are the names of the game. Your goal is to win each race by any means possible, including but not limited to speed boosts, missiles, guided missiles, and shields. You can play in cup races, time trials, and even augmented reality tracks placed on any surface of your choosing. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rev Heads Rally!

You have four characters on each track, typically, and of course, you and the three others are constantly shooting weapons at each other, so place changes can happen very quickly. Red missiles (like red shells in Mario Kart) are guided, but green missiles (like green shells) fire in a straight line; however, they can also bounce off of walls and hit another racer on the carom.

You can get a new car with your coins, but once you have a new car, the real fun and strategy comes in buying upgrades. You can upgrade your acceleration, speed, handling, and boost. Your best bet is to keep the upgrades fairly even; speed and acceleration are important for straight-line performance, but without stronger handling, each speed upgrade will make your car tougher to control.

Time your speed boosts strategically, because steering can be tricky in this game. Your speed boosts should be used at the beginning of a straightaway, or in a s-curve surrounded by dirt. You’ll go the same speed in the dirt as on the track while using a speed boost, so you can just blast straight through without having to worry about the turns.

AR racing puts you in a completely different camera perspective. The trick is to find a surface where you can put the track and make it large enough in order to be able to see your car consistently. Do the straight oval track until you get the hang of steering your car in this kind of environment. Then once you get the hang of it, branch out to some other tracks.

There are two quick ways to earn coins in this game. One of them is to watch ad videos. Go to the “win a new car” menu and hit the video button to win 100 coins per video. Another is to complete the missions. Some missions involve winning, such as “Come 1st in five races”, while others involve failing, such as “Run into two oil slicks”, and each one will earn you coins. Do these to maximize upgrade and new car purchases.