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Rally Run – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Rally Run is a new level-based drifting game, which there have been plenty of on the App Store, but none have quite been as strategy-obsessed as this one. You get a combination of endless runner, DORIFUTO, and match-three puzzle, along with treasure-chest based card collecting a la Clash Royale, allowing you to earn and upgrade cars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rally Run!

There are two ways inside the race to speed up your run and put yourself ahead, which is to follow the drift line and to color-match three boosts, either horizontally or vertically. Hitting the random color box flips around the colors in the row that’s concurrent with the lane that you are in, which you should do if you have an uneven color combo’ however, if you have colors matched already on that side, don’t hit the rainbow box.

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Avoid anything that will slow you down. Red boxes will take away your boost icons on that side. Watch out for rocks or they will either slow you down if you slip-hit them, or they will end your race immediately and cause you to lose cups if you smash head-on into them. Avoid any other red box, as well.

Before you begin opening a chest, you will be able to watch a video in order to cut in half the time that you need to spend opening it. Use this whether you plan to run the time out naturally or to gem it out and get the boosts right away, as this will save you half the gems that you would normally spend on speeding up a chest.

Take into account every aspect of your car, such as the boost color and the surface that they are strongest or weakest on. Go for the boost color that is listed as their strength as this gives a gigantic boost of speed when you make a match, although if the level isn’t providing too many of the boosts, then go for one that is provided more commonly in that level.

If you replay a level, then not only will you know what surface to expect, but all of the boosts will be in the same place, so you will know what order to pick them up in. Everything else, such as the red blocks, the rainbow blocks, and the rock barriers, will also be in the same place, which helps you to know what tot avoid and what to prepare for when you play it again.