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Best Rally – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Best Rally is a new short-term racing game where you play one level at a time, each of which is only a few seconds long, and your goal is to try to get the highest score that you can. You can unlock new cars, compete for the best rank in each individual level, and blow past new and increasingly-difficult obstacles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Best Rally for the iOS and Android platforms!

The first time that you play a level, just pay attention enough to get a feel for the level, so that if you hit reload, you can remember what the layout is. Then hit reload after the stage is done, and try again. Try again and again and again until you get three stars. Or just go for one star so that you can move forward and go to the next level.

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If you know that you made a mistake during a race, then hit reload so that you can start back over again. Hit the button and you will start over instantly, but you will use one of your tries. After enough tries, a full ad plays, and then the ad countdown begins anew. Of course, there is also the in-app purchase that allows you to get rid of ads forever.

If you want to get rid of the ads but don’t have enough money to get rid of the ads, then you have one of two options. One of these is to turn on airplane mode, or to turn off all of the data, and play the game with zero data. If you do this, then the ads won’t load. Another option is to wait for the video offers to come up. These will made ads go away for 4 minutes and will allow you to test drive another car.

There is no currency in this game, so if you want to drive another car, then the only way to do so is to make an in-app purchase, or to watch one of the above-mentioned videos to drive a new car around for four minutes.

You’re going to need a specific amount of stars to make your way to the next stage. If you need more stars to unlock the next batch of stages, then go to the oldest level that you have less than three stars on, and start playing for a better time, because older levels tend to be easier. Work your way up until you have all the stars that you need in order to move on.