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PAKO Forever: How to unlock every car in the game

PAKO Forever contains a number of cars that you can unlock by performing specific actions in the game. Unlike other games of this type, where the collectibles are merely cosmetic, cars in this game have some serious performance differences compared to other cars in this game, so it’s best to unlock as many cars as possible and experiment to figure out which ones you like best. Read on for a guide on how to unlock every car in the game!

OG: This is the original car, so this is unlocked simply by downloading the game. It’s also the worst car.
Muscle: Survive for a total of 20 seconds in a single round.
Hearse: Survive for 30 seconds in a row in one single round per car, for two cars.
Sedan: Unlock the Hearse first, then survive with 45 seconds using the Hearse. This is harder to do because of how long the Hearse is.

Rickshaw: Survive 90 seconds in one single round with any car in the game.
Groovebus: Finish a round 1,000 meters away from where you started. Use the fastest car that you have for this, like the Muscle Car.
Rally: Cause 150 car crashes in a single game. Use lots of drifts and donuts to smash up cars.
Pickup Truck: Pick up a total of 10 items in a single game, or rather, wait for the items to come to you since they fly at you randomly.

Coupe: Survive 45 seconds in a single round with five cars.
Heavy Van: Survive the Pakocalypse. This means that when a random encounter happens, don’t die.
Mega: Drive through the checkpoint. A checkpoint will randomly appear sometimes in the level, and if you drive under it, you get the Mega. You’ll know it when you see it.
RV: Release the ghosts. If you see a grave stone, run it over and the ghosts will be released.

Scrap: Wake up the rumbler. More on what this means later.
Super: Survive 60 seconds per car in one round each with 10 total cars.
SUV: Destroy the UFO evidence to get this. This means take the bomb power-up and blow up a UFO with it.
Truck: Drive away 2,000 total meters from the starting point. Use the fastest car that you have for this one.

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Beast: Play in a total of 1,000 games for this one. If you want this one quickly, just die right away every time you begin a game and shut off the internet signal to stop ads.
Cool Bus: Distract the helicopter. When a helicopter appears, blow it up somehow (like with a bomb), or disable it with freeze.
Miniplane: Search around the level for the actual Miniplane itself sitting on the ground. Find it to unlock the Miniplane.

Taxi: Have 15 cars, and survive for 60 seconds apiece with each of them.
Police Car: Have 3 cars, and survive for 90 seconds apiece with each of them.
Ambulance: Collect 10 total medkits throughout the game.
Fire Truck: Drive around the fire post.
Bulldozer: Play a total of 1,500 games.


Wednesday 13th of April 2022

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Thursday 9th of July 2020

Chip 8 how?


Sunday 17th of March 2019

Please help.. Fire Truck: drive around the fire post.

Which one is the the firepost? Is it on any map or only one of the map (the woods perhaps??) Or did they meant the hydrant? Which i dont think so because i've driven around it many many times and firetruck is still locked.

Marcel Khanoo

Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

It’s a giant fire hydrant in the mall map, you have to try to evade the police cars while driving around it.