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Tricky Challenge 3 Extra Chapter: Answers and Solutions to All Levels, Page 2

18: Pick up the match and light the bomb before the rabbit gets to it to make it go off.
19: To catch the troublemaker chameleon, hold your finger down on the screen and the mosquito will bite it. Tap the mosquito to kill it, then the chameleon will fork out its tongue and eat it. Then tap the chameleon.
20: To find the crocodile’s tears, move all of the vegetables until you find the onion. Pick up the knife and cut the onion, then put the half-onion near the croc’s face.

21: To give the flowers some sun, tap the window to open it. Then tap the mirror repeatedly to break it. Stick the biggest shard of the mirror on the floor at the end of the sun ray to redirect it to the flower.
22: To help the bees get the flowers, blow into the microphone on your phone. The flowers will float upward and into the hands of whichever bee is in front.
23: Little Jon got a free kick. Little Jon’s shoelaces are untied on one shoe. Tap that shoe to kick it at the goalie, then swipe the ball to kick it into the goal.

24: To take advantage of the kick opportunity, kick the ball down, not up. You’re facing your own goal, so kick it backwards and you’ll kick it into the opposing goal.
25: To beat “Little brother, come in and play”, either tap the 50 coin button to spend 50 coins, or tap the VIP button to do a weekly subscription IAP and beat it without spending coins.
26: To spot the crossdresser, swipe their hair away from their faces using two fingers. Then tap on the one who has a beard.

27: To shoot the ball to/in the goal, wait for the wind to blow. It blows from right to left, so kick the ball to the right of the defender on the far right when the wind shows up.
28: To make it so that Little Jon’s team wins the game, turn your phone upside down so that the score changes from 8-6 to 9-8.
29: To take a picture of Little Jon, check the top left corner of the screen for a pause button. Hit pause, and it turns into a right arrow. Scroll til you get to Jon.

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30: To find Little Jon, zoom out on the photo with two fingers. Little Jon is actually holding it.
31: To “burn down” the fierce looking man, tilt the phone to the left to make a bathtub appear. Then put the large man in the bathtub.
32: To shoot the ball into the goal (again), tap and hold and the directional arrow will appear. Someone will run by and steal the arrow. Remember the direction that you pointed it, and shoot the ball past the goalie.

33: To help the rabbit win the race, grab the finish line and swipe it to the left. Then the rabbit will get there first.
34: To kick another goal, tap the gold trophy to the right of the goal to inflate it. Drag the inflated gold trophy over on top of the ball, and then kick it in.
35: To give the trophy to Little Jon’s team, go back to the starting screen and tap the trophy to the right of the Tricky Challenge 3 logo.

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