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Tricky Challenge 3 Extra Chapter: Answers and Solutions to All Levels (updated)

Tricky Challenge 3, for the iOS and Android, started off with about 60 questions, but it just got a new update, adding an entirely new chapter, dubbed the Extra Chapter, to the game. Now there are 55 new challenges, which are even tougher than the original challenges in Tricky Challenge 3. Read on for the answers to all of the challenges in Tricky Challenge 3 Extra Chapter!

1: Shake the phone until the bike falls down. Then put the bike in the parking spot.
2: move the start button to the side to make a dumbbell appear. Put the dumbbell in the boy’s hand then tap start over and over to lift it until he gains muscle and can lift the barbell.
3: to make a fool of your teammate when he lifts the barbell, wait until he lifts it, then drag the plates on the left side of it over to the right side to make him fall over.

4: shake the phone to drop the wrench out of the player’s pocket. Hit the goalkeeper with the wrench, then kick the ball into the goal.
5: after Little Jon and his teammates kick, turn the phone upside down to see where each ball stopped in the goal. Tap the player that kicked it the farthest.

6: to defeat the opponent in boxing, stun him by shaking the phone vigorously, then punch him three times.
7: Just give a star rating to the game.
8: to pick up the soap, slide the left character’s legs apart using two fingers, so he does the splits and picks it up that way.

9: to drive the evil dog away, tap left over and over to move off the side of the screen, onto the other side, and get the dog from behind.
10: to make up Little Jon for the rap battle, put the gold chain on his neck and the mop on his head. Then shake your phone around until the shades appear on his face

11: to get the food, press the white button on the gun and then slide down. A snickers bar will pop up out of the gun handle.
12: Drag the guy’s ice cream to the ground and the fly will land on it. Then tap the fly to smash it.

13: Tap on the snail until it goes into its shell. Then tilt the phone to the left to cause it to roll into the gap.
14: Color the apple red and the banana yellow. For the grapes, tap red and blue at the same time to get a purple crayon and color them purple.

15: To get Little Jon across the river safely, use two fingers to enlarge the bird by zoom-swiping. The bird will then fly him to safety.
16: To eliminate the danger, first, place the tortoise onto the track. Then grab the starting line and place it on the turtle to make a lever. Then pick up the elephant and put it on the left side of the lever to fling the bomb away.

17: To score the goal, first, grab the green pentagon in the top left corner of the screen and plug the hole in the ball. Then kick it anywhere in the goal.
18: Pick up the match and light the bomb before the rabbit gets to it to make it go off.

19: To catch the troublemaker chameleon, hold your finger down on the screen and the mosquito will bite it. Tap the mosquito to kill it, then the chameleon will fork out its tongue and eat it. Then tap the chameleon.
20: To find the crocodile’s tears, move all of the vegetables until you find the onion. Pick up the knife and cut the onion, then put the half-onion near the croc’s face.

21: To give the flowers some sun, tap the window to open it. Then tap the mirror repeatedly to break it. Stick the biggest shard of the mirror on the floor at the end of the sun ray to redirect it to the flower.
22: To help the bees get the flowers, blow into the microphone on your phone. The flowers will float upward and into the hands of whichever bee is in front.

23: Little Jon got a free kick. Little Jon’s shoelaces are untied on one shoe. Tap that shoe to kick it at the goalie, then swipe the ball to kick it into the goal.
24: To take advantage of the kick opportunity, kick the ball down, not up. You’re facing your own goal, so kick it backwards and you’ll kick it into the opposing goal.

25: To beat “Little brother, come in and play”, either tap the 50 coin button to spend 50 coins, or tap the VIP button to do a weekly subscription IAP and beat it without spending coins.
26: To spot the crossdresser, swipe their hair away from their faces using two fingers. Then tap on the one who has a beard.

27: To shoot the ball to/in the goal, wait for the wind to blow. It blows from right to left, so kick the ball to the right of the defender on the far right when the wind shows up.
28: To make it so that Little Jon’s team wins the game, turn your phone upside down so that the score changes from 8-6 to 9-8.

29: To take a picture of Little Jon, check the top left corner of the screen for a pause button. Hit pause, and it turns into a right arrow. Scroll til you get to Jon.
30: To find Little Jon, zoom out on the photo with two fingers. Little Jon is actually holding it.

31: To “burn down” the fierce looking man, tilt the phone to the left to make a bathtub appear. Then put the large man in the bathtub.
32: To shoot the ball into the goal (again), tap and hold and the directional arrow will appear. Someone will run by and steal the arrow. Remember the direction that you pointed it, and shoot the ball past the goalie.

33: To help the rabbit win the race, grab the finish line and swipe it to the left. Then the rabbit will get there first.
34: To kick another goal, tap the gold trophy to the right of the goal to inflate it. Drag the inflated gold trophy over on top of the ball, and then kick it in.

35: To give the trophy to Little Jon’s team, go back to the starting screen and tap the trophy to the right of the Tricky Challenge 3 logo.
36: To fry the steak without burning it, put a finger on the handle and flip the phone up repeatedly to flip the steak. The steak won’t appear to be flipping but do it enough times and you’ll win the challenge.

37: To give the beautiful girl what she wants, give her one of the three things. It’ll be wrong. Then when the cat pops up on the left side of the screen, give her the cat.
38: To enlarge the font, put two fingers over the word “font” in the question and then zoom in with them.

39: To find the missing fish, slide the shirt off of the girl’s right shoulder, and the fish will be on it.
40: To wake up your girlfriend, zoom out on her using two fingers, as if you were zooming out on a photo.

41: To water the flowers, put your finger over the outlet over the hose outlet. Punch it off for about ten seconds, then the built-up pressure will enable you to water the flowers.
42: To eat the spun sugar within the given amount of time, take a small bite to start the timer, then zoom out on it to make it tiny. Then take small bites again to eat it quickly.

43: To board the plane, follow the directions six times in a row. Whenever the directions say to go the opposite direction, swipe in the opposite direction of the arrow.
44: To figure out who the real pilot is, shake your phone up awhile. The three fake pilots will get dizzy. The real pilot is the one who doesn’t.

45: To open the lock, put the blue key in, then the brown key. Then tap on the cracked tile in the background until it breaks. Another key will pop out. Put that one in and the lock will open.
46: To figure out how the plane is Trump’s special plane, zoom out on his hair and then place the hair on top of the plane.

47: To park the car correctly, drag the car SLOWLY behind the other cars, make sure that it doesn’t touch any of the other cars, and then place it in the space.
48: To get a win, tap the exit button in the upper right corner of the screen.

49: To figure out the solution, count the number of circles that are formed in the shapes of the numbers. The answer to the given question is 2889 = 5 (five circles)
50: To help the rabbit win the competition, move the hurdle as far to the right as possible, then tap “go” over and over until the rabbit enters the finish line.

51: To open the safe, open the window and 2028 will appear on the mirror. That number should be mirrored by the below surface, so the real password is 5058.
52: It’s hot out, so to make it cooler, tap the cloud in the upper right corner of the screen and drag it to place it over the sun.
53: To help the rabbit win again, tap go rapidly, but don’t let the vitality bar drain. Drag it to the right to refill it, then make the rabbit go again, and repeat until the rabbit wins.

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54: To figure out which animal is redundant, grab the fish and feed it to the cat. That makes the fish redundant.
55: To input the correct password, first swipe over the green and yellow wires on the right side of the bomb to stop the countdown. Then enter the password.


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