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Tricky Challenge 3: All Answers for Every Level

Tricky Challenge 3 is the latest game in the Tricky Challenge series, and the sequel to the massively successful Tricky Challenge 2. Your goal is to answer all kinds of trick questions, avoid losing all of your chances on a level, and score the highest IQ possible on all stages. Perfect for April Fool’s day, as most of the questions will prank and trick you. Read on for a list of all of the answers to Tricky Challenge 3! (NOTE: For the Tricky Challenge 3 Extra Chapter, go here)

Question 1: To help Jon take cover, tap the clouds and swipe them off of the right side of the screen to make them disappear.
Question 2: To help Jon take cover from the rain again, use the left arrow to move him all the way off of the left side of the screen.
Question 3: For the desert island question, switch the lower halves of the two characters. Then tap and hold on both at the same time.

Question 4: For the OCD question, swipe on all of the white lines to make them disappear off of the screen.
Question 5: Tap on the panda until its tongue stick out. Then grab the crosshairs with your finger and drag them over the panda, and tap on the screen to take the picture.
Question 6: All that you have to do for the rating question is to choose a star rating and then hit the next button.

Level 7: Move the farther-away stump closer to the close stump, then tap on the frog and it will jump to the stump.
Level 8: Tap and hold on each dinosaur’s face for a few seconds each and they will look at you. The one with the sinister look and the sharp teeth is the carnivorous one.
Level 9: To put the elephant in the fridge, grab the fridge with two fingers on each side, swipe them away from each other to zoom in, and then drag the elephant into the fridge.

Level 10: To crack the code, swipe the pencil over the bottom right corner of the paper over and over, and enter the code that is revealed.
Level 11: To solve the jigsaw puzzle, hold a finger on the picture of the leaf until the word “Copy” appears (or until the Chinese equivalent appears). Then tap on a blank space and hit the “paste” button. Then solve the puzzle.
Level 12: To break the world record, swipe the “7m” and place it on the world record sign, then hit “throw” to break the record.

Stage 13: To find out what the real bat is, cover the light sensors on your phone and the real bat will take up. Then tap on it.
Stage 14: To persuade them not to fight, start grabbing hearts from your heart meter. Give one each to each of the fighters.
Stage 15: To break the world record again, tap the “world record” board over and over again until it breaks.

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