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Tricky Challenge 2: All Answers for Every Level

Tricky Challenge 2 is a new game for the iOS and Android where you have to find the answers to seemingly impossible questions. They require all kinds of mental gymnastics to figure out, but we have all of the answers for you. Read on for the answers to Tricky Challenge 2 for every stage and every level!
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Stage 1: to whack the mole, Cover one more hill with one finger and then tap the mole.
Stage 2: rub your finger over each of the empty holes in order to turn them into molehills, and then tap the one with the mole in it.
Stage 3: to help Isaac go to the bathroom, switch the gender labels on the bathroom doors and then drag him into the boys bathroom.
Stage 4: to help jack plug in the power, use your finger to start dragging at the very bottom of the visible portion of the cord, then plug it into the lower outlet that appears when you put your finger on the cord.
Stage 5: 3 + 2 is 5. Tap on the number five in the upper left corner of the screen.

Stage 7: Drag the match along the lower left side of the screen up and down until it lights, then light the candle.
Stage 8: cover the nose of the pig to wake the pig.
Stage 9: Drag the colas around and drag the word “cola” out of the question, then drag the colas out from behind the one hiding behind the word. Then count them all.
Stage 10: Shake your phone to make the fake bats fall off. The one that stays there is the real bat.

Stage 11: Cover the A on the card and the word Ace in the question
Stage 12: the rabbit is under the magician’s hay.
Stage 13: the rabbit is behind the hat on the right.
Stage 14: raise the hat and pull the rabbit out from behind the magician’s head.
Stage 15: tap on the very far left edge of the cabinet and drag it to the right to reveal the person inside

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Stage 16: Drag the ball onto the word Terminal in the question within five seconds.
Stage 17: turn the phone upside down to make the equation into 11=9+2.
Level 18: Pause the turtle with the pause button in the top left corner, then tap the hare until it makes it to finish.
Level 19: cover the crocodile’s eyes with one finger, then grab the meat with the other finger.
Level 20: put a finger on each bulb for about five seconds at a time. A sign next to the right one will appear saying “it’s hot”

Level 21: Tear the tag in half to remove the 50 cents, then input 24.
Level 22: when the fifth bulb lights up, hit the word Stop in the question.
Level 23: the answer to all of the equations is 05.
Level 24: Exchange the old batteries for new batteries, then switch “old” and “new” around in the question.
Level 25: put the empty parking space over the words “parking space”, then park the car in it.

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