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Tricky Challenge: List of Answers for All Levels and Stages, Page 2

Level 26: tap the blue button ten times and red button once. Count them yourself; ignore the numbers on screen.
Level 27: put the rhombus (red shape) into the pentagon graph because it fits inside of it.
Level 28: pick up the stone with two fingers, then tap the poop behind it with a third finger.
Level 29: Bang the side of your phone against your hand to drop the apples and wake up Newton.

Level 30: a Square is also a rhombus, so at the end of the shape sequence (tap the pentagon, square, then rhombus) tap the square twice.
Level 31: Tap the “x” button up top, then tap Next Challenge.
Level 32: tap the numbers in order. The number 32 is in the level indicator at the top of the screen.
Level 33: Tap 8, then tap 1 twice to add up to 10.

Level 34: drag the camera aperture up to the words “The Duck” and take a picture
Level 35: rub the match girl with your finger to warm her up.
Level 36: tap the four X’s from small to large, then tap the close button at the upper left corner which is a red X.
Level 37: Count Newton’s Z’s plus the Z in the last question.

Level 38: tap the word “it.” If that doesn’t work due to the orientation of your phone, tap the word “then”.
Level 39: the keyboard typing spells a “V” hinting that Vivian was the killer.
Level 40: put the word “strawberries” on one plate and the strawberry on the other.
Level 41: tap the red button ten times. Midway through it will move so avoid the blue button under it.

Level 42: the question mark is the pirate’s hand so drag it onto his hand.
Level 43: drag the word “fruit” onto the word “me”
Level 44: blow into your mic or rub the bottom of the phone to reveal who the cross dressing man is.
Level 45: enter the number on the button in challenge 38. The number was 375.

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