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Tricky Challenge: List of Answers for All Levels and Stages, Page 3

Level 46: The number has to be above 1, so it’s 1.59. Move the period to turn it into a decimal.
Level 47: there is one black dot, it’s in the question.
Level 48: Tap on “fourth place” in the question.

Level 49: The Apple is farthest away from the word “us.” Carrots are not fruit.
Level 50: put the car and the word “car” into the box.
Level 51: you can either just tap the three skills over and over, or combine the three skills into Skill 5 by placing them on top of each other

Level 52: tap the word “it” when the apple appears.
Level 53: tap the Zs that come out of his mouth until he wakes up.
Level 54: tap green three times, then tap yellow but stop when the yellow rectangle turns white. Then tap it again when it turns yellow again.

Level 55: Hold a bright light up to the front camera of your phone. The number appears on the left half of the bill in the watermark.
Level 56: connect the broken wires with your fingers. The human body conducts electricity.
Level 57: the exclamation mark is hidden in the question and can be moved to the sign.

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Level 58: Tap the word “to” in the question to continue.
Level 59: tap the “get tips” lightbulb to turn it on so your roomie can read again.
Level 60: tap the 0 in the number “60” up top. There is no fruit in the tree.

Level 61: tap the “6” in the question number for six holes in the shirt
Level 62: Tap the word “something”, which is above the box, or “in front of” it.
Level 63: Tap the camper to whack him with a frying pan and win “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

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