The Hardest Quiz 2: List of Answers for All Levels, Questions and Stages, Page 2

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Level 26: A cow with no arms or legs is ground beef.
Level 27: Touch the word “the difference” in the question.
Level 28: A can opener that doesn’t work is a can’t opener.
Level 29: A gorilla has big nostrils because it has big fingers.

Level 30: Touch the blue button four times, then wait for a bit.
Level 31: Dinosaurs don’t talk because they’re dead.
Level 32: Touch 34, which is the biggest number (not the physically biggest number)
Level 33: How do you organize a space party? You planet.

Level 34: Ball, doll, car, horse, dinosaur, bicycle – this is the order of the toys in Santa’s list.
Level 35: Blue paint is blue and smells like red paint.
Level 36: Press the orange button, then the green button twice and blue button once. Watch the movement of the buttons after each tap.

Level 37: The boo-bees produce milk.
Level 38: Birds fly south during the winter because it’s too far to walk.
Level 39: Simply touch the – (minus) sign.

Level 40: A bear with no teeth is a gummy bear.
Level 41: Touch the balloons from right to left.
Level 42: When you take 2 out of 3 apples away, you have 2 apples because you took them.

Level 43: How do you make a clown cry: you kill his family.
Level 44: Touch the mineral on the left (it’s the only square shaped one)
Level 45: Touch the egg until it breaks, then immediately touch the dinosaur before it bites.

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