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Tricky Test: Get Smart – Answers for All Levels, Stages and Questions

Tricky Test: Get Smart is the game that started it all. It spawned a sequel in Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain (all answers in this link), a number of clones by other developers such as the Tricky Challenge series and Crazy Tricks, and an entire rather-unheralded subgenre of games that you have to think outside the box in order to figure out the answer to.

The answer is almost never what it might initially seem in Tricky Test: Get Smart. Sometimes it’s a question that requires the sense of an elementary school student, but that an adult might not think of the answer to right away.

In cases such as those, try to think of the answer in the most literal way that you possibly can. For example, if a question asks you something like “What comes after 2?”, you would tap the question mark instead of “3”, because that LITERALLY comes after two.

Other times, it will be a question that requires you to do unusual things with your phone, such as flip it upside down or blow into the microphone. You have to pull out the entire repertoire of weird techniques in order to get all of the answers in this game.

To use an example here, if the game asks you to hide something, then you could hide it by flipping your phone so that the screen is facing down, meaning that it’s then hidden from anybody else who tries to look. Or if it asks you to make a tornado, you spin your phone in order to “make a tornado” on the screen.”

Plus, you can get hints from the game, but they are not always straightforward, nor are the hints even going to make sense some of the time. You can purchase currencies that allow you to try again, or take ad bonuses.

You can even get your hints as hot or as cold as you want. The cheaper hints will simply give you a bit of a small clue so that you can potentially figure it out yourself, or you can buy the most expensive hint to have the game just simply give you the answer. But what fun is that when you can figure out the answer yourself?

There are a full 131 questions in this game, not 130, as the game advertises; there is a “boss” question at the very end. We’ve collected all of the answers in the game on this page, so read on for the answers to all of the trick questions in Tricky Test: Get Smart!

Some ways to beat Tricky Test: Get Smart without reading the actual answers

Before giving away the spoilers, here are some tips to help you deduce the answers yourself if you want to do so. First off, you’ll see a LOT of questions come around that utilize the same tricks as one another. So later in the game, you’ll be able to answer a lot of these questions without consulting this guide.

Second, always keep a stash of coins on you if you want to get through the game as quickly as possible. If you get a wrong answer, you lose a life, and if you lose all of your lives, you have to start back over again. You can either go back five questions, or you can start back over again from where you left off without having to go back at all.

Finally, even though updates to this game don’t happen as frequently as they used to, always be on the lookout for updates. Most updates are bug fixes – download these, as some of the questions in this game are buggy, We’ve noted those questions in the article itself.

Many of the updates, though, will actually ADD questions to the game. And you can bet that when questions are added to Tricky Test: Get Smart, we will be one of the first ones to figure out the answers and post them for all to see.

Answers to Every Single Question in Tricky Test: Get Smart

Level 1: “It’s time to put the fruits inside the basket.” Put the pineapple and apple in. The carrot is not a fruit so if you also put it in, you’ll end up with a wrong answer.

Level 2: Swipe left on the unlock arrow even though the arrow points right. The text says left, so go by what the text says and not what the arrow says.

Level 3: Put the fish into the word “fishbowl” in the question. You won’t be able to put the fish into the picture of the fishbowl.
Level 4: “Find the green pencil”, but there is no green pencil on the screen at first.Merge the yellow pencil and the blue pencil together by dragging the yellow one over the blue one with your finger.

Then, tap on the green pencil and you will beat the level.

Level 5: “Name the exact number of months containing 28 days.” 12 months contain 28 days, but some months contain more than 28 days.

So while only one month contains exactly 28 days, that’s not the question. So read it as if it’s asking you which months have 28 days or more in them.

Level 6: Drag the word “burn” from the question down to the candle to make the candle burn. There is no other way to light it besides that.

Level 7: “Which floor does the elevator go to the most?” The first floor is the most demanded. Everyone that lives inside of the building, no matter what floor they live on, passes by the first floor when they leave the building.

Level 8: The green arrow on the compass points to the button that says “west”, so tap on the west answer and you will get the question right. Otherwise the compass doesn’t appear to actually change direction at all.

Level 9: Tap on the question mark after “dec 31st”, as that literally comes after it in the question. The question doesn’t specifically ask what DATE comes after it, just what comes after it.

Level 10: “Turn on the light!” Your finger is a conductor, so put one finger on the bulb’s conductor and another one on the broken wires.

Once you do that, the bulb will light up and you will beat the level and get the question right.

Level 11: “Guess what the value of X is!” There are two of each color weight on the first three scales overall, so add the first three scales together, then divide by 2. 54 /2 is 27.

Level 12: To pop the balloon on this level, tilt your phone to the left until the balloon floats up and gets popped by the thumb tack.

Level 13: “Imagine you are in a cave and only have one match left. What should you light first in order to do some cooking?”

The match should be lit first before anything else is. To light the match, tap the word “match” in the question. The match will then light up.

Level 14: Put your finger over the mouth of the test tube on your phone screen and then shake the phone to mix up the liquids.

Level 15: To find the X value in this question, count the O’s in the larger number. 8 has two O’s inside of it, while 0, 6, 4, and 9 have one O apiece. 8371 = 2

Level 16: Turn the phone upside down to change 9+9=21 into 12=6+6. Doing this will automatically make the answer correct. Make sure rotation lock is not enabled on your phone.

Level 17: “Things are starting to get much simpler now. It’s easy as pie! Click here!” Tap the word “here” in the question and you will beat the level.

Level 18: The letters are all first letters of a month, so M and A are followed by another M. These are the first letters of March, April, and May.

Level 19: The question asks how many tons of soil are in a pit 2M wide by 2M high. The answer is zero tons of soil. The pit is empty, thus making it a pit.

Level 20: To “fix the mistake here”, you need to reorient the arrows/crosshairs. Grab two sides of the arrow formation with two fingers and turn it 90 degrees to the left. Ignore the fact that “Bottom” is missing a letter and says “Botto”.

Level 21: you have to tap all of the numbers from highest to lowest – this includes ALL numbers on the screen, including your score, as it is a number and it is on the screen. Tap 283, 104, 75, your score, then 2, then -3.

Level 22: The question is which planet is farthest away from us, but it’s not talking about the planet that is the farthest away from humankind. It’s talking about the literal word “us.” Planet 3 is the farthest away from the word “us”, making it the correct one.

Level 23: to help the koala bear fall asleep, block out any noise that can wake it up. Cover the bear’s ears to block out the sound from the speakers and help him fall asleep.

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Level 24: the question tells you to literally enter the name of the game. Take it as literally as possible. Enter the phrase “The name of the game” (Not “name of the game”) to move on. Enter it as shown in the picture above.

Level 25: Hold your phone face down toward the ground and look at it and 278666 will appear. That’s what is on the back of the paper. (note: developers might eventually change this number, but if they do, use the same technique to find the new number)

Level 26: if you pass the person who is in third place, then you will be in third place. Since that’s not one of the answers though, tap “3rd” in the question. None of the given button answers are correct, so this is the correct one.

Level 27: The question asks you to tap the eggs to see which one of them is the strongest. Tap the eggs until you break one of them. Whichever egg doesn’t break is the one that will be considered the strongest egg.

Level 28: Take the equation 2+2=42 and make it a correct equation. To do this, put your finger over the last “2” to make it 2+2=4, and thus to make the answer correct.

Level 29: The question asks you to find out what is inside the box. To do this, shake the phone to make a ball pop out from inside of the box.

Level 30: The question asks you to tap on one sock, but you have a pair of socks to begin with. To fix this, move the foreground sock away from the background sock, then tap one of the two socks once they are split apart from each other.

Level 31: The question tells you to erase the picture. Rub your finger over the word “picture” to erase it. You can’t erase the actual picture but you can erase the word “picture” in the question.

Level 32: The question asks you to move the elevator down by one floor. To do this, turn the phone upside down and the direction of the arrow will be considered down and not up. Hit the arrow to make the lift go down one floor.

Level 33: Swap the 1 and the 7 to make the number combination the same in every row.

Level 34: You can use the same number multiple times, rather than just using each digit once. The greatest number is 999. So to make the highest possible number, just tap the number 9 three times.

Level 35: “Each of the seven boys has only one sister. How many children must be in the boys’ families?” The question doesn’t say that the boys aren’t brothers, so assume that they are. There is only one sister for all 7 boys, making for a total of eight children.

Level 36: Take two fingers and place them on either side of the bottle and then rotate them to flip the bottle over, then shake the phone to pour the bottle out.

Level 37: you have to think a bit outside of the box to keep the vase safe. Drag the floor upwards until it’s under the vase, then cut the string.

Level 38: You have to find the number hidden under the car using the sequence on the screen. Turn the phone upside down to see the real numbers in the sequence. It’s 87.

Level 39: Tap the words “blue” and “red” and the green circle. The words blue and red are very close to each other in the question, so you might have to tap blue and red with your pinky fingers, then tap the green circle with some other finger.

Level 40: the only source of $35 dollars on the entire screen is the 35 dollars that come in the question itself. Put the word “35$” in the question into the piggy bank.

Level 41: While this question makes it sound like a big family, it’s not. There are 3 women in this family – the girl, her mother, and the grandma. The granddaughter is the mother’s daughter. The mother is also a daughter, and the grandmother is also a mother.

Level 42: there are a total of 24 paws on the screen. Start moving the dogs around by dragging them with your fingers. There’s a hidden dog behind one of the dogs, plus the yeti counts for four paws.

Level 43: “What can be taken by the right hand and never be taken by the left hand” is what the question asks. The left hand can’t be taken by the left hand. Tap “left hand” in the question.

Level 44: Tear the tag in half with two fingers to rip off the cents portion of the price tags. Then use two 10$ coins and three 1$ coins, or if you want for some reason, you can drop thirteen $1 coins in them.

Level 45: To turn this mail into an e-mail requires two steps. First, tap the envelope to shut it, then take the “e” from “e-mail” and put it to the left of the envelope.

Level 46: Tap all 8 matches that connect the small inner square and the large outer one. Once you erase them you will end up with one small square and one giant square. There are multiple other ways to do this problem as well, but the method shown in the picture is the most obvious way.

Level 47: Memorize the sequence of numbers that the game gives you. Write them down to make it easy, or memorize the first digit of every number in the sequence to help yourself out. The sequence changes every time, so there really is no hint with this one.

Level 48: Tap the red button 30 times. Count the taps yourself, because the tap counter will disappear. Watch for the button to move. Don’t tap continue – the continue button is just there to trick you and throw you off the scent.

Level 49: you have to wake up only the right turtle. To do this, put a finger on the left turtle to hold it still, then shake your phone to wake up the right turtle.

Level 50: This is another question where you need to think outside the box. You need to turn the lamp on but there is no switch.

Instead, plug your phone into a charger to turn the lamp on. If your phone has wireless charging, you can just put your phone on a charging pad.

Level 51: The answer using PEMDAS is 31. PEMDAS, for those who have been out of math class for awhile, is Parentheses, Exponent, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction, which is the other that complex math equations are done in, instead of just left to right.

Level 52: Ignore the $7 that’s written on the piggy bank. Tap the piggy bank until it breaks and then count the coins that fall out. The coins are randomized on this level, so you actually have to count the coins yourself.

Level 53: Catch four bees going left, and then tap on the left-facing bee in the question. Don’t tap on any of the bees that are facing to the right.

Level 54: Put your phone battery percentage as the answer. If you have a notchy phone that does not show the percentage, do a quick control panel swipe to make the percentage appear. If for some reason your percentage doesn’t work (old battery etc), put your percentage plus or minus one.

Level 55: Rotate your phone 360 degrees to turn the windmill. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep rotating your phone until you beat the level.

Level 56: The question says to tap on the empty container, but none of them are empty at first.Turn the phone upside down to empty the pint glass, then tap the glass.

Level 57: The question claims that only one equation is valid, then tells you to tap on the invalid ones. Tap on “The only one is valid” (which is invalid because two of them are valid), “7-3=3”, and “29+3=31”.

Level 58: The question tells you to trace all of the lines in the figure by pressing the intersections. 1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 5, 1, 4, 5 is the right sequence of numbers for this one. There are other sequences that work, too, but this one is an easy one to remember.

Level 59: Hold your fingers on all three teapots at a time for a period of about three or four seconds. After that time, one of them will be “HOOOOOT!”

Level 60: There are 3 doors with signs on them, and only one of the signs tells the truth. Door 1 and 3 contradict each other, but somehow neither one is right. Door 2 is the only one with an honest sign.

Level 61: To find out which of the flashlights is the most powerful, pull all three flashlights to the left side of the screen using your finger to see which is the brightest. The brightest one will be the one with the longest beam.

Level 62: The question tells you to find the star, out of the three characters on the screen. Shake your phone to make stars appear above the heads of all of the characters on the screen. Then tap all three characters.

Level 63: You have to try to get to the number 1,000 using only addition and tne number 8. 888+88+8+8+8 is 1000. There are other equations that work too, but this one is the easiest one to remember.

Level 64: The question says to find how many triangles you see on your screen, that are contained within the square. There are 16 total triangles contained in the square.

Level 65: Shake the phone to drop apples out of the tree, then move the apples around to reveal any hidden apples. Then count all of the apples. The number changes depending on when you play.

Level 66: Drag the clouds over the sun, and the owl will come out. Then tap the owl and you will get the level completion notification.

Level 67: Drag the spare wheel on top of the wheel that’s already installed on the car.

Level 68: Just add 1+2+3+4+5+6. The amount of dots on a die is always the same. In this case, the answer is 21.

Level 69: Start with the top number, subtract the left number, and the multiply by the right number. (6-5)*3 = 3.

Level 70: Drag all of the stars onto the word “place” in the question.

Level 71: Choose “Three of these statements are not” since there are four questions and only one of them is true.

Level 72: Swipe right on the lightbulb to unscrew it, and then keep going and when it unscrews, it will make the room dark.

Level 73: A carrot costs $0.05, while an apple costs $1.05.

Level 74: Move the exclamation point from the question into the watch clock. The exclamation point will turn into the missing hand of the watch.

Level 75: Move the elephant all the way offscreen to the left in order to “hide the elephant”. If it doesn’t work at first, move it even further out to the left.

Level 76: add the left, top, and top-left numbers to get X, which is 13. This is the same pattern that every square of four numbers on the board uses.

Level 77: flip your phone over and shake it vigorously until two bats fall. The fake bats cannot hang like the real bat and will fall down off of the screen. The one that doesn’t fall is the real bat.

Level 78: there are many possible answers. One of them is 319+248=567.

Level 79: there are 20 halves plus your count of whole hearts for lives. That means that the total is 10 hearts plus however many lives you currently have remaining, so between 11 and 15.

Level 80: tap the green button, then when it breaks, pull the two broken halves apart until it breaks and the purple button shows up. Then tap purple until you hit 10.

Level 81: you have four items, none of which are edible. Instead, put the ball on top of the cone to make ice cream, which is (obviously) edible.

Level 82: rub the lit tip with your finger until it goes out.

Level 83: there are a total of six holes in the t-shirt. You have both sides of the rip, the two sleeves, the neck, and the waist opening.

Level 84: the sentence in question is “the chicken or the egg”. Chicken comes first because it’s the first word in that sentence.

Level 85: 5=1 because in the given pattern 1=5. Ignore all of the rest of the numbers.

Level 86: tap the pyramid with the green and blue sticks that form an “N” from above.

Level 87: All sheep except nine ran away, so now there are 9 sheep left.

Level 88: to help the girl, move the women’s toilet sign over to the men’s toilet, and she will go inside and you will beat the level.

Level 89: take the elephant off of the scale to balance the scales out. You can’t put anything on because nothing weighs as much as the elephant.

Level 90: to figure out who had a birthday tomorrow, change your phone’s date for tomorrow in the date and time menu of your phone. Then go back to the game, and then tap the guy with the birthday hat.

Level 91: the pirate lost his hook. Move the question mark from the question to his hand and it will become the hook.

Level 92: Add -60+70-80+90 together and it makes 20 dollars of profit for the farmer.

Level 93: to stop the fighting guys, drag a heart down from your life meter and drop it in between them to make them like each other. You won’t lose any hearts by doing this either.

Level 94: to see the bees, take a screen capture of them and then count the bees in the screen capture. Then go back to the game and enter the correct number that you counted.

Level 95: remove six in a hexagon formation and make a formation of three diamonds that looks like a Mitsubishi logo.

Level 96: count the matches on level 95. in the previous level there were 18 matches on the screen.

Level 97: ignore the broken clock and simply enter the current time on your phone. Answer in military time (e.g. 19:15 is the same as 7:15 PM)

Level 98: to make a square, pull the right match to the right and a square of open air will appear in the middle of the matches.

Level 99: zoom out on the pic to find the man in the green hat. He’s off the screen, but if you zoom out, all of a sudden he will appear.

Level 100: wake the man up by turning the volume up on your phone to make the background music louder.

OR: if your volume is all the way up, the man won’t be able to sleep. Turn the volume down all the way to help the man go to sleep.

Level 101: the clock says 12, the square has four corners, and the hand is raising one finger. 12+4-1=15.

Level 102: no tricks here. The second barbell is the one with a different weight than the others.

Level 103: the smallest number is -9. Drag the _ upward on the first blank space to make a negative sign.

Level 104: to help the athlete lift, move the start button to reveal a dumbbell. Drag them over to him so he can lift them, then hit the start button and he will successfully lift the dumbbell.

Level 105: The question says not to let the athlete hold onto the barbell. Hit start, then take the plates off of the left side of the barbell and move them to the right side to make him drop it.

Level 106: to make a year go by, drag the earth around the sun clockwise. This works even if the orbit is a bit off kilter when you drag it.

Level 107: you need three keys to open the door. Tap on a crack in the wall over and over again to break the third key out of it.

Level 108: to help the red team win, turn the phone over to turn 6 into 9.

Level 109: use two fingers to swipe the characters’ hair back out of their faces until you find the one who is the guy.

Level 110: to give the flowers some sun, open the window by swiping the blinds up, then tap the mirror in the right side to break it.

Level 111: it will take 20 mice 5 minutes to eat 20 pieces of cheesecake.

Level 112: clear the numbers by hitting C, then drag the numbers from the equation to type 3+2 into the calculator and hit the equal sign.

Level 113: hold your finger down on the screen and the mosquito will fly to it. Lure the mosquito toward the frog.

Level 114: to build the snowman, roll the snowballs over the snow until they become big enough to fill the snowman slots.

Level 115: for some reason, this says “find the man in the green hat” but instead puts you against a boxer. Shake the phone to make him dizzy, then tap his face over and over to knock him out.

Level 116: to cook the steak, turn the stove on. Then put your finger onto the pan handle and flip your phone upward to flip the steak.

Level 117: all of the equation answers are all of the previous questions’ numbers plus the current equation added together. X is 40

Level 118: to remove the feather from the table, blow really hard into the microphone or run your hand vigorously across the bottom of your phone.

Level 119: to help the aborigine escape the Island, put him and the fire into the balloon basket and then use your two fingers to zoom in the balloon to inflate it.

Level 120: Tap on the button rapidly to help the chicken cross the finish line first.

Level 121: this time, to help the chicken win, erase the turtle’s finish line so that it can’t finish.

Level 122: this time, to help the chicken win, drag the hurdle past the finish line and then tap the button rapidly to make the chicken cross it.

Level 123: finally, to help the chicken win again, drag the “scale of fatigue” to the right to refill it whenever it gets low, and tap the button as usual.

Level 124: to “take a photo of a yellow sheep” drag the camera aperture over the words “yellow sheep” in the question and take the photo.

Level 125: open the blinds to reveal the code which looks like 2028, but because it’s in the mirror it’s upside down and backwards and is actually 5058.

Level 126: to find the smallest number, drag the period down from the question to right after the first digit spot. Then type 1.11.

Level 127: to go to the next level, close out the tab on the screen by hitting X, then “next level” will appear, so tap that.

Level 128: to find the rocket, drag the sun to the left and earth will appear. Drag earth to the left and the rocket will appear.

Level 129: 96/16 is 6, so type 6 for the equation.

Level 130: shrink the cotton candy by “zooming out” with two fingers and then eat it with small bites.

Level 131: to diffuse the bomb, just remember the code and enter it as quickly as possible. Watch out for the keys that switch numbers whenever you press a correct one.