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Tricky Challenge 2: All Answers for Every Level, Page 3

Level 46: Hold a finger down on the screen and the mosquito will fly over to it and drink. Tap it with your other finger to smash and kill it.
Level 47: Turn the phone to the right and pull “down” (toward you) on the girls on the right side of the phone. Turn the phone to the left and do the same with the girls on the left side. Their shirts will come off. Pick the girl who is the most well-endowed.
Level 48: To find your body temperature, hold your thumb or finger on the mercury until it finishes rising. The thermometer will now be at your body temperature.

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Level 49: Shake the phone up and down vigorously until stars appear above the heads of the kids. Then tap on the stars that appear.
Level 50: Yell directly into the microphone. That’s what Claude will do.
Level 51: Set your phone upright and put a finger on the screw. Then rotate your phone clockwise so the screw moves counter-clockwise. Repeat until you get the check mark.

Level 52: To point the arrow at yourself, put the arrow to the RIGHT of the word “yourself” then tap it until it changes direction and points at the word “yourself”.
Level 53: Go back to challenge 49 and shake the phone again, then count the stars that appear over the kids’ heads. There are 15.

Level 54: Claude is the last one to finish the running match because he has a nail in his foot. He was the kid in stage 50.
Level 55: Set your phone back to any date in the previous year to find out who the thief was.
Level 56: Use the match to light the middle candle, then turn the phone to the side and light a side candle using the flame from the middle one.

Level 57: To kill the last camper, swipe right on the weapons to unlock the S686, then tap it.
Level 58. The sock has four total holes in it. The toes, the heel, the sleeve of the sock, and mid-foot.

Level 59: Blow into the microphone to find out which one is a boy. If that doesn’t work, rub your palm fast along the bottom of the phone where the mic is. Take your phone case off if it doesn’t work.
Level 60: To open the champagne, shake the phone until the phone vigorously to shake up the champagne, then tap your phone to open it.


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