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Tricky Challenge 3: All Answers for Every Level, Page 3

Question 34: Take the magnifying glass from the upper right corner, and place the head of it over the match head until you see smoke. Then take the burning match and light the candle with it.
Question 35: To help the wolf with the broken nose find its prey, take the sun and move it off of the lower left hand side of the screen and the wolf will find the rabbit.
Question 36: To bare your heart to her, first drag the flowers to the guy’s hands, then when hearts start popping out of the roses, grab one and put it on Cupid’s arrow. Tap Cupid to shoot the arrow, then tap “Say Love” and she’ll return the love.

Question 37: Another PUBG joke in this question! To find and kill the last camper, swipe the weapon select menu to the right (you’ll have to try this a few times to find the place where the swipe will take) until you see “Machete”. Tap it and you win.
Question 38: To get all of the money out of the piggy bank, turn your phone upside down to see the bottom of it. Tap the slit over and over to open a hole in the bank, then shake your phone to get the money out.
Question 39: To help Dunn have a merry Christmas, take Dunn and put him in bed, then put the stocking on the headboard of the bed. Then tap the window and Santa will come.

Stage 40: To find the stolen gold, first, scratch out the “no” in the sign with your fingers. Then tap the man’s knees and he will kneel down. Tap him again and he will stand up and the gold will be where his knees were.
Stage 41: To empty one more piggy bank, grab it with two fingers and split it in half to reveal all of the money inside.
Stage 42: To get the ginseng fruit for Monkey King and Pigsy to eat, pull the Golden Cudgel out of Monkey King’s ear. It will be too short. Yell into or rub the microphone to grow the cudgel until it gets long enough to knock the fruit out of the tree.

Stage 43: To find out which is the male dog, drag all of the dogs down to the stump. The one that pees on the stump is the male.
Stage 44: To teach little Jon a lesson, swipe the pipe off of the bottom of the screen, then drag the scissors over to him.
Stage 45: To hit the ball into the hole, turn the phone upside down. Then tap the ball once the shadow switches places and the ball will go into the hole.

Level 46: To make the pig look up with one eye and down with the other, first, put a finger in between its eyes to make it go cross-eyed. Then turn your phone sideways while your finger is in between its eyes.
Level 47: To help the little girl make a beautiful balloon, blow into the microphone (or rub it) until the balloon is full, then put the tie on it. When the mosquito pops up, tap it to kill it. NOTE: If the balloon doesn’t blow up, exit to the home screen, then go back to level 47 and try again.

Level 48: To inflate all three of the balloons, take them to the inflator. Tap 15 times for the first balloon, 5 times for the second balloon and 14 times for the third one. Then tie each one.
Level 49: To give little Jon some water, tap and hold the cup on the left, then tilt the phone to the right to pour the cold water into the hot water. You’ll end up with a full cup of lukewarm water, that you can then give to Jon.
Level 50: To kill the mosquito, tap the lighter over and over until the electric apparatus inside appears. Then take the electric charger to the racket, attach it, and tap it to charge the racket with electricity. Then use the electric racket to swat the mosquito.

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