Tricky Challenge 3: All Answers for Every Level, Page 2

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Question 16: To find the stolen silver, swipe over the word “no” in the sign to erase it, then tap the dirt mound to find the silver.
Question 17: To clean the floor, tap the “up” arrow in the top left corner of the screen to lift the character off the ground, then swipe him around to clean all of the footprints.
Question 18: Move the sign that says “give her your heart and prove that you love her” off of the screen and tap the one underneath that says “I have no idea if you want to think like that”

Question 19: To keep jumping, flip your phone upside-down to turn the frog around, then tap the frog to jump.
Question 20: To find the five different parts, find the first four. Then tap the exploding dynamite at the bottom of the second picture and drag it to the dynamite on the lower girl’s fishing pole to blow it up. Then tap that fishing pole dynamite.
Question 21: To get the hair off of the table, use electrification by friction. Rub his head with the ruler, then when his hair sticks up, use the ruler to attract the hair.

Level 22: To find the thief who stole Jon’s wallet, drag the thief head out of the thought bubble and place it on the body of the boy on the far right.
Level 23: To help Dunn solve the problem, move his hand off the page to reveal “1+2”, then answer that math problem.
Level 24: To stop the rabbit from being squashed, pull down the number 1 from the countdown, and pull the baseball bat down, then they will combine to stop the falling rock.

Level 25: To stop drunk Jon from falling, tap and hold on both of his shoulders to keep him standing.
Level 26: To figure out which TV is broken, tap the “play” button in the upper left corner, and then tap the TV that doesn’t turn on.
Level 27: to help Jon dry his hair, plug your phone into the charger and tap the “power” button on the dryer and it will turn into a Peppa Pig lookalike.

Stage 28: To help Jon get out of the vat, hit it with the small stones. Pick up the big stone with two fingers and let go to drop it. It will break into two small stones. Hit the vat with the two small stones.
Stage 29: To help the poor little match girl, have at least 10 gold coins (watch an ad if you don’t) then drag the coin icon to her.
Stage 30: To put the apples in the fridge, start placing them in there but watch out for tomatoes. The stem will be different. Leave the tomatoes out and put the apples in. Count the apples, you will need them for the next question.

Stage 31: Enter the number of apples you put in the fridge last time. Redo the level and count again if you need to.
Stage 32: To catch the ostrich, shout into the microphone or rub the bottom of the phone to make noise in it. Then drag the lasso on top of the ostrich.
Stage 33: To subdue the Chinese zombie, stick the paper on its nose first. Then pick up the bell, and while holding the bell, shake your phone to ring it.
Answers 34-50 coming soon!

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