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Dunk Shot (Ketchapp) – How To Unlock All Secret Balls

Dunk Shot is Ketchapp’s new game where your goal is to complete challenges and shoot as many baskets as possible. You can get a ton of baskets in a row for multipliers, and you can unlock a massive amount of balls, but the most exciting ones that you can unlock are the secret balls.

These hidden balls require you to complete a specific action, and the game is intentionally vague about how to do it, with absolutely no instructions on how to unlock them. You have no help from the developers. so you have to figure out how to do it yourself.

But that’s where we come in – we know how to unlock them all. Read on for the full guide on how to get all secret balls in Dunk Shot!

Secret Ball 1 (Clean Bounces) – Do a perfect double-bounce. A double-bounce is when the ball bounces off of two walls (not just one wall) and into the basket.

Secret Ball 2 (Bounce Streak) – To get this one, land five shots in a row that are bounced off of the wall and into the basket. Double bounces are okay here, too. But the ball has to bounce at least once before it goes in. A basket that does not bounce will break your streak.

Secret Ball 3 (Flash) – Switch rapidly from daylight to night mode and back, over and over again, creating a flashing and/or strobe light effect. You have to do this fast, and do it multiple times in order to earn Flash.

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Secret Ball 4 (Mercy for Piñata) – Go to the Free Gift. You will have three chances to hit the piñata with the basketball. Avoid the piñata and shoot the ball away from it, intentionally missing it, three times in a row.

Secret Ball 5 (Back and Forth) – Throw the ball from whatever hoop it’s inside of. Then, catch the ball with the same hoop that you throw it from. Repeat three times in a row, one after the other.

Secret Ball 6 (Big Spender) – Go to the ball select screen and buy three new balls in a row. This costs 300 coins total, since each new ball that you can purchase costs 100 coins.

Secret Ball 7 (trying the eagle) – first you have to unlock the eagle ball. Then select it and pick it for your next game. Score at least one point with the eagle ball to get this one.

Secret Ball 8 (All for Nothing) – once you lose at a round, you’ll get the chance to watch an ad video in order to continue your run. Continue after losing, and then score nothing after the continue.

Secret Ball 9 (Efficient Earner) – Collect five stars with a x4 multiplier.

Secret Ball 10 (Play like Chameleon) – Play with three different balls. Doesn’t matter what the balls are, any balls that you have already unlocked, like secret balls, balls that you paid 100 coins for, or the original ball that you start the game with, will do.

Secret Ball 11 (From Dawn Til Dusk) – start a game in day mode, first. Then, switch the game to night mode in the middle of playing.

Secret Ball 12 (5 x 0) – Miss the first hoop five times in a row. Each time you miss the first shot, you’ll get a free restart with no ad videos. Shoot the ball downward into the abyss to make it easier to earn this.

Secret Ball 13 (Fire in Clouds) – Reach 9X multiplier with 10 perfects in a row in the cloud theme.

Secret Ball 14 (Poor Pencil) – Hit the pencil ten different times. It doesn’t have to be ten times in a row, you just have to hit the pencil ten time in total.

Secret Ball 15 (Medieval Bump) – When you see the shield, hit it five times with your ball.

Secret Ball 16 (Total Clown) – unlock the circus theme and then you can get this one. Miss the first hoop three times in a row in the circus theme. Missing the first hoop always gives you a free restart, so no ad videos need be watched.

Secret Ball 17 (Purple Best) – Achieve a high score in the neon theme. This is easiest to do when your high score isn’t really that high to begin with. And you only have to break your old score by a minimum of one point.

Secret Ball 18 (Coin Play) – Throw the star ball 25 total times. You don’t have to score every time and it doesn’t have to be all in one game; just throw it 25 times total.

Secret Ball 19 (Holiday Spirit) – Play the game ten times using the Christmas theme. It doesn’t have to be ten times in a row, just ten times total. Don’t watch a continue ad because continues don’t count toward another play, so this will take you longer to unlock.

Secret Ball 20 (Buzzer Beater) – During one of the challenges, score the last point after the buzzer goes off. Shoot just before the buzzer goes off – milliseconds before, essentially. Then have the ball land in the basket after the buzzer.

Secret Ball 21 (New Year Score) – Score exactly 19 points for 2019, or whatever the last two digits of the year are if you are reading this during or after 2020. So if it’s 2021, when you need to score 21 points, if it’s 2033, then you need to score 33 points.