Dunk Shot (Ketchapp) – How To Unlock All Secret Balls

Dunk Shot is Ketchapp’s new game where your goal is to complete challenges and shoot as many baskets as possible. You can get a ton of baskets in a row for multipliers, and you can unlock a massive amount of balls, but the most exciting ones that you can unlock are the secret balls. These hidden balls require you to complete a specific action, and the game is intentionally vague about how to do it, so you have to figure out how to do it yourself. But that’s where we come in – we know how to unlock them all. Read on for the full guide on how to get all secret balls in Dunk Shot!

Secret Ball 1 (Clean Bounces) – Do a perfect double-bounce (ball bounces off of two walls and into the basket)
Secret Ball 2 (Bounce Streak) – To get this one, land five shots in a row that are bounced off of the wall and into the basket.
Secret Ball 3 (Flash) – Switch rapidly from daylight to night mode and back.
Secret Ball 4 (Mercy for Piñata) – Go to the Free Gift and shoot the ball away from the piñata three times in a row.

Secret Ball 5 (Back and Forth) – Catch the ball with the same hoop that you throw it from three times in a row.
Secret Ball 6 (Big Spender) – Go to the ball select screen and buy three new balls in a row. This costs 300 coins.
Secret Ball 7 (trying the eagle) – Score a point with the eagle ball to get this one.
Secret Ball 8 (All for Nothing) – Continue after dying, and then score nothing after the continue.

Secret Ball 9 (Efficient Earner) – Collect five stars with a x4 multiplier.
Secret Ball 10 (Play like Chameleon) – Play with three different balls.
Secret Ball 11 (From Dawn Til Dusk) – Switch the game to night mode in the middle of playing.
Secret Ball 12 (5 x 0) – Miss the first hoop five times in a row (shoot the ball downward into the abyss to make it easier)

Secret Ball 13 (Fire in Clouds) – Reach 9X multiplier with 10 perfects in a row in the cloud theme.
Secret Ball 14 (Poor Pencil) – Hit the pencil ten different times.
Secret Ball 15 (Medieval Bump) – When you see the shield, hit it five times with your ball.
Secret Ball 16 (Total Clown) – Miss the first hoop three times in the circus theme.

Secret Ball 17 (Purple Best) – Achieve a high score in the neon theme.
Secret Ball 18 (Coin Play) – Throw the star ball 25 total times.
Secret Ball 19 (Holiday Spirit) – Play the game ten times using the Christmas theme.
Secret Ball 20 (Buzzer Beater) – During one of the challenges, score the last point after the buzzer goes off.
Secret Ball 21 (New Year Score) – Score exactly 18 points for 2018 (or whatever the last two of the year are if you are reading this during or after 2019)