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How to beat Granny (iOS/Android) – Walkthrough Guide and Survival Tips

Granny is a new survival horror game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to escape from the Granny’s house in five days. The baseball-bat wielding Granny hears everything, and she will kill you after five days are up. Here you can find out what to do in the game and how to win. Read on for the guide on how to beat Granny!

Controls are simple but they aren’t explained at all at first. Swipe around the screen to look around, and use the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen to move. To interact with an object, walk up to it, and then if a white dor appears, tap it to ineract with the object. To pick something up, walk up to an object and if you see a small hand, then you can pick up the object by tapping the hand. Tap the silhouette of a person to switch between standing and crouching.

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Your method of escape is through the front door, but you need to do a number of things first. One step that is optional but makes the game far easier to beat is to find the weapons key, then go to the secret passage in bedroom 2 of the top floor and unlock the weapons chest that’s inside. Pull out the tranquilizer gun, take it and shoot the Granny to put her to sleep for awhile whenever you see her.

Now if you want to play the game the hard way, skip all that. You need to hunt for objects inside of sinks, toilets, and anything with a door that is too small to hide in (cabinets, microwaves, etc). The objects are randomized every time that you play the game. You will need the hammer, the master key, alarm code, and the padlock key to open the front door. The hammer breaks the beam blocking the bottom of the door, the padlock key unlocks the top bar of the door, and the master key unlocks the handle. The alarm code unlocks the top lock of the door.

But before you do all of that, though, you need the safe key, which unlocks the basement safe that contains the master key. You need the cutting pliers, because those will allow you to clip the wires inside of the breaker box and to make the door alarm lights turn green. Do those, then collect the four items that you need to open the front door.

And while you are doing all of this, keep a watchful eye and ear out for Granny. If she hears you, she’ll come for you, and she hears almost everything. Hide in closets, in wardrobes, and under beds. The house contains several secret passages as well, so use these for hiding when you need to.