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Infection of the Dead: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Infection of the Dead is a new iOS puzzle game where you play as a zombie, and your goal is to infect everybody on the stage. The levels start off extremely easy, but they get harder and harder very quickly, with all sorts of new challenges to pass. You can earn DNA points and items, purchase a bunch of bonuses, and come up with all sorts of new strategies to beat the stages. Read on for some tips and tricks for Infection of the Dead!

Once you get to the point of humans having escape routes, your strategy has to change. Before, you could blindly infect people and beat the stage easily. Once escape routes start to form, though, you need to block them off. Move as close as you can toward the opening that leads to the escape route. Then infect a zombie, then stand in the way of the escape route while your zombie makes more zombies.

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When there’s multiple escape routes, it will seem impossible to block off the paths, but usually there will be a way to make zombies in a specific room where there’s no escape. Infect everyone in that room, then they’ll follow you. Lead the train of zombies around the level until the zombie train is blocking off all escape routes, then finish the level when everything is blocked off.

You earn one DNA point for everybody that you infect. Not all levels are created equal – some will have as few as 10 people, while some will have as many as 100. Pick an old stage with the most people, infect everyone, and watch your DNA points skyrocket. You can use an ad video to double your income after each level.

The DNA points are used for the customization of each level. Head to the Collection menu, located on the stage select screen, to spend your DNA points. They add a skin to the maze to change the design. The gameplay stays the same, so you can pick your skin based upon aesthetic preference.

Also available is the opportunity to watch an ad in order to gain an item. At the beginning of a level, you get the opportunity to use an item in order to boost your speed. You can also watch a video in order to boost your speed. The speed boosts make it easier for you to outrun and block off the people from running into the exit.