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Car Town Streets for iOS: How to get scarce, rare, extra rare and legendary cars

In Car Town Streets, you can race teams of cars against opposing cars, as well as send your cars out to jobs go make money. In this game, cars are divided up by rarity. Common and common plus cars are the most common, but the slowest and the ones which earn the least money. From there you have scarce, rare, extra rare and legendary cars, along with the ‘plus’ versions of all four ranks. Generally, the higher the rarity, the faster the car and the more money it will make. Read on to find out how to get more scarce, rare, highly rare and legendary cars!

Getting more scarce and rare cars is (depending on the car) fairly easy. Many of them can be found commonly while you are searching areas of the city for cars to take to Rusty’s Rescue shop. Simply find them, take them to the shop, and then one by one start restoring them. Common cars take one hour to restore, so you will know immediately when you hit upon a scarce or rare car, as it will take way over an hour to restore.

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In later missions in the city, you will even be able to find extra rare cars. An example of this would be the Chevrolet Bel-Air, which is found in the Rocky Point area. Remember, though, that sometimes rarity does not necessarily mean that the car will be faster or have better skills. A scarce Nissan 370z will destroy a Bel Air or a rare taco truck in a race every time.

A rare, extra rare or a legendary car can also be unlocked by completing a trophy set. Complete a set of six trophies, then go to the trophy select screen and tap the box next to it. When you do this you will unlock your reward for all of those trophies. Once your set it complete, you can complete a new set, or another version of the same set. Later trophy sets can earn you legendary cars.

If you see a pile of scrap metal somewhere in your city, first make sure that there is room in your storage for it. Then buy it and you will be able to salvage it. Roadside finds can literally be of ANY rarity, even Legendary Plus.