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Guide to Car Town Streets for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Car Town Streets is the long awaited sequel to the smash hit Facebook game Car Town, which allowed car fans to collect their favorite real life cars and race them against each other. Car Town Streets is an iOS game and its a much different game. There are elements of city building games, card collection games, zoo games and more all mixed into this new hit title. Read on for some tips and tricks for Car Town Streets!

To win races more easily, first load up on cars that you can take to Rusty’s Rescue. Use Special Bucks to speed things along if you have to. Then rescue them one at a time and add them all to your team. Race against the lowest level players (the ones with the least gasoline, 40 being the lowest amount) until you collect the first six trophies and unlock an extra rare car. Then if you need to you can kick a weaker car out of your offense and defense teams in favor of the rare car.

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Winning a race requires not just a team with a ton of points, but an actual well rounded team. Each finisher earns points toward a victory, and the person with the most total racing points at the end of a race wins the whole thing. Your better off with 2 rare cars and common cars than with 3 extra rare cars filling up your team.

Before you go to bed each night, send a long term parts job so that you can come back the next time you play and collect a massive amount of parts, which you can then use to upgrade your cars. Don’t just upgrade one single car, though. Upgrade your entire team proportionally, though, rather than upgrading just one of your cars using all of your parts, so that they can all score higher positions in each race.

Build multiple types of businesses so that you can stick all of your cars into their dream jobs. If you have all of your cars in their dream jobs they will be happier, and if they are happier, they will earn you more coins and experience points more quickly.

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