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How to play Car Town Streets for iOS, part 2: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the Car Town Streets beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Of course, your car won’t start making money until you hire it on at a business. The Pizza Shop will be the first business you build when you’re in the tutorial, but you will unlock many more of them as time goes on. Each car wants to work in a different type of business, so if you match them up with the business they want, they will earn a bonus on top of their current “coins per hour” rate. If you put them in their dream job, they will earn even more.

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The first car hired at a business will be able to be collected fom every 5 minutes or so. The second one can be collected from every 8 hours, and the third can be collected from every 24 hours. The second and third cars are your key to earning a whole lot of coins. To increase your coins per hour rank, you have to feed your cars.

If you want to feed the car, you need parts, which you can either get via a parts job (in which you spend coins to order parts and have them delivered), or by watching videos in the cinema. After you build a cinema you can watch videos which will either earn you coins or parts for watching. After watching a certain amount of videos, the game will run out of more videos to show you, but as time goes on, more videos will appear. When there are no videos, the theatre will appear to be in intermission.

To use these parts, go back to your car management screen by hitting the “my cars” button, tap on the car that you want to “feed” and start feeding it. Every four times that you feed a car, you will increase its level, which will cause its power rating and its coins-per-hour rating to increase as well. As a car levels up, though, each feeding double in price. For example, a level 1 car takes just 5 parts to feed, while a level 7 car takes 160 parts per feeding.

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