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How to play Car Town Streets for iOS, part 4: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 4 of the Car Town Streets beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 3 of the guide.

Each time that another racer beats you, you will lose one of your trophies, unless you have placed a shield on a trophy to protect yourself from losing it. If someone beats you for that trophy, then they won’t get it; they will use up your shield instead. To put a shield on a trophy, go to the grand prix menu, go to the trophy select screen and pick a trophy that you already have. You can then put one or more shields on it. If you try to put more shields than you have, you will be prompted to buy more using Bucks.

There are a number of other important buildings and items that you can buy in the game. One of them is the Dirt Road, Hot Wheels Road and other roads that you can buy in the shop. The more of a certain road that you have, the higher your road’s “percentage” increases in the grand prix, giving you an advantages in races which take place over that kind of road.

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Another is the fuel station. Each time that you buy a fuel station and it finishes being built, you will get three bonus fuel, each of which you can distribute to either your maximum offensive or defensive fuel. Each time that you gain an experience level, as well, you get 9 fuel to do the same with.

Various shops do different kind of services. For example, the more parts shops that you have, the more jobs that you can set in order to earn parts. The various tire shops allow you to direct any car with a tire icon of any kind over its head to the shop, in exchange for coins and experience points. Paint shops allow you to change the color of your car.

Decorations do absolutely nothing other than allow you to finish quests which they may pertain to. Expansions, of course, allow you to have more space to build. Tap on an area that you don’t own next to your city to buy each expansion. Then tap the rocks, trees, cactii, etc, that are in the middle of said area in order to clear them out for experience points.

Finally, you can also play socially using the “friends” tab. To play socially, connect the game to Facebook and then hit the “invite friends” button to add people on your friend list who also play the game as neighbors. Send them gifts, and they send you gifts back. And make sure to click on the “Get FREE xxxx” (gold, cash, parts, etc) button in order to get bonuses by sending Twitter, Facebook, text or email messages.


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