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How to win every race in Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing puts you in charge of running a homestead where you can make money, and breeding better and better horses. Most importantly, though, as the name of the game suggests, it’s about horse racing.

Your goal is to go from location to location, racing and fighting for a win everywhere that you can. You can go for short and long races, earn silver and resources, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks on how to win every race in Rival Stars Horse Racing!

During the race itself, first you need to know your horse’s preferred position. Your horse will want to run at the front, the middle, or the back of the pack. When your horse gets there, the sprint energy will charge faster.

Depending on the race and the horse, though, sometimes it’s better to get that perfect start, shoot out ahead, and then don’t let up. Don’t sprint early on, just maintain the position at the head of the pack if that is where you end up.

Then once you get to the end of the race, use the sprint all at once. Make sure to leave enough time left over so that you can use every single bit of sprint energy before you hit the finish line.

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A little bit later on, you will be able to hire a jockey to run the race for you. Hire the best one available that costs silver (not gold) and you will be able to get an almost guaranteed win in the race without having to actually sit through it.

If you have the Star Club membership, you’ll be able to hire the Star Jockey for the race. Star Club costs $9.99 per month, which is actually fairly low as far as subscription games go. You’ll also get event tickets and gold for free if you do this.

Breeding and training are the keys to winning tougher races. You have to train your Sprint Energy, Speed, and Acceleration to improve them for races against tougher horses. Sprint Energy lets you sprint for longer, Speed increases your overall top speed, and Acceleration increases the quickness with which you get to that top speed after slowing down.

When you pick a horse for a track, make sure to match the horse’s surface preference (soft, hard, medium, firm) with the surface hardness of the track. You’ll know by checking the odds on a track with each horse. The odds go way better (lower number) when the horse matches the track.

You’ll be able to unlock new races in a specific location by winning first place a certain number of times (usually three times per race). A quick way to do this is with the jockeys. However, if you are not having any luck with the jockeys, do it yourself and you might have better luck.

As for the new locations, you unlock them as you gain player levels. Gaining player levels is simple. Just run races. You can either run new races, or you can run the same race over and over and watch your experience bar fill up.

As you win races, you’ll gain resources, too, such as upgrade feed, horse tack, and grain, plus hardware. Use the hardware to upgrade your facilities, especially your horse training and breeding facilities, so that you can continually run out better and better horses.


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