BitLife: Casino and Horse Racing Cheat – Win Every Time and Make Unlimited Money

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BitLife lets you do many things, including gambling. One form of that is playing in the casino. You can play blackjack in the casino, use your own tried-and-true blackjack strategy, and have a chance to win money.

You can also race horses and win lots of money in one shot. Four horses will race at a time, and enter the track itself, and then they’ll race, and one of the horses will be the final winner. With horse racing, there is a high chance to win money.

Using a little glitch in the game, though, it’s possible to win every single time in both blackjack and horse racing. You can take back any loss that you get hit with, whatever game it’s in, and turn every single gambling attempt into a win.

Read on for tips on how to win money every time in BitLife’s casino and on the horse racing tracks!

First, you have to have money to go to a casino. If you have no cash, you won’t even be able to walk in, let alone do any actual gambling.

If you have cash though, you’ll be able to go in and play and place bets. The more cash you have on hand at the time, the bigger the list of bets is that you’re able to make. Both the small bet, as well as the big bet, and everything in between, will be higher.

You can either place a small bet, or you can place a big bet. You can place a medium bet if you want a chance to win a greater amount of money than with just the minimum bet, but you don’t want to be on the hook for losing almost all of your money to the big bet.

Enter the Horse Race for 10 dollars and when you do, you will be able to bet whatever you want. You can put in a tiny bet, a huge bet, or anything in between. Once again, it depends on your income. Although with the cheat, you can put big bets as many times as you want to, and not have to worry about taking any sort of loss.

Normally, you would want to place a small bet, just in case you lost. However, with this cheat, you’re going to get back any amount of money that you spent in the casino or horse track, so pick the biggest bet possible.

If you’re playing blackjack, you want to maximize your chances to win to begin with so that if you don’t have to do the cheat, you won’t have to. To do well at blackjack, whether real-life blackjack or the BitLife kind, stop at 16 or above; if you get to 15 or below, then hit again.

Once you do that, see what your score turns out to be. If you win, you double the money that you bet. When you stot 16 or above, your dealer has a high chance of busting, which means to go over 21, giving you a good shot at winning.

Unlike blackjack, which is a game of skill, horse racing is a game of pure luck with a much smaller chance of winning. The horse names change every time you race, so there’s no tracking one horse’s win-loss record. So for this reason, if you pick the winning horse, you win 5x the money that you bet, instead of double the money like blackjack.

Additionally, you could also simply go to the horse track, sit, and watch the races if you want to. You won’t lose any money except for the 10 dollar ticket fee, but you’ll get to see how the horse races work.

If you lose at the casino or the horse track, you lose the money that you had bet, but DO NOT HIT THE CONTINUE BUTTON. Instead, close out of the game. On iOS, go to the app switcher menu (double tap home on iPhone 8 and older, swipe up from the bottom on iPhone X and newer). Then close out of the app.

Once you do this, reopen BitLife. You’ll have back the money that you lost. Now go back to either the casino to do another hand of blackjack, or to the horse track if you want to do another horse racing session.

If you win, keep going. If you lose, do the cheat again. Keep doing this for as long as you want to, and you can end up wildly rich.

Also, be sure to back out of and go back into the racetrack and casino often as your income increases. The higher your income, the higher your possible bet will be, allowing you to earn money faster by doing the same thing over and over.

Always bet your biggest bet, even as your maximum bet size increases, so that you can make unlimited amounts of money.

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