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Idle Medieval Tycoon: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Idle Medieval Tycoon is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where you load up your kingdom with various buildings, earn a lot of money, and discover all sorts of new lands.

You can earn coins and gems, unlock bonus multipliers, and earn intel that can take you to new lands.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Medieval Tycoon!

You start off with your goals to upgrade your buildings, but each time you hit a specific level, denoted by the green bar over a building, you’ll unlock a speed multiplier. The multipliers come at levels 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, and then every multiple of 100 afterwards.

An easy way to tell if you’re going to hit a new multiplier is to tap on the x1, x10, x100 button and switch it to xMAX to buy the most possible upgrades for a specific area. When it’s blue, that means that you’ll hit a new multiplier, and you will also earn gems as a bonus.

Of course, you can then build new buildings. The more the building costs, the longer it takes to earn its money, but the more money it earns for the time spent overall. The speed multipliers will help these buildings be more bearable.

Once you get those long-term buildings, shut off the game for awhile and then turn it back on, because that will actually earn money quicker for you. The offline income takes the average per-second earnings of each building into account, regardless of how long they take to collect while you’re online, so you can earn money far quicker this way in the shorter term.

Head over to the second tab (the house tab) for bonus purchases. Each purchase here adds an additional multiplier to a specific building, denoted in the picture on the left side of the upgrade.

Hit the fourth tab and you’ll be able to add caretakers to your buildings. Each caretaker costs either coins or gems; the more of them you have, the more the next one will cost. They’re worth it, though, for the multipliers that they add to the building that you place them on.

Tap on the wizard whenever you see him. He’ll unlock a tapping game, where you tap as many times as possible for about 15 seconds. Tap with three fingers at a time for the maximum effect. The screen in this game can read up to three fingers at a time, but not more than that.

When you see someone with a gold streak over their head, tap them; they have a large load of bonus coins to give you all at once, so you can use them for future upgrades.

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If you tap one of these or the wizard, and you have an internet connection, tap the ad video button. A short video will play for somewhere between 5 seconds and 30 seconds, and when it finishes, your taps or your instant coins will be worth 5x the money. Same with offline income when you come back online after awhile.

Be cognizant of the quests underneath the Q button. For each multiple of 10 plus 5 (levels 15, 25, 35, etc), you’ll earn a ton of bonus coins when you claim your reward.

As for free gems, tap on the trophy button whenever you see an exclamation point next to it. That means that a reward will be available to collect; this reward consists of free gems, which are then best spent on caretakers.

Hit the map area and if you have enough intel, you will be able to unlock a new land. This means that you have to sell your kingdom and start over again; however, you get to keep your caretakers when you do this.


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