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Chaos Storm for iOS Resource Guide: How to get more food, wood, iron and gold

Chaos Storm is a new real time strategy MMO game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. In this game your goal is to build a city that produces lots of resources, use those resources to feed your troops, and then use your troops to battle computer controlled armies and players, take over and occupy other colonies, and dominate to the highest degree possible. Food, wood, iron and gold are the main resources in the game, and they are extremely important to your mission to not only build a successful kingdom but to battle other players and armies in wars. Read on to find out how to get more of all four!

Food is one of the most necessary out of all the resources in the game, because you can’t bring in more people if you don’t have enough food. To get more food, upgrade your farm as high as you can get it. In addition, build new farms on any free space that you have in the left side of the screen. You have eight total free spaces, so if you build two farms, you can still have two sawmills, two iron mines and two gold mines.

Wood can be acquired by using the aforementioned sawmills. Upgrade your existing sawmills as high as you can (or as high as is practical), build one or more new sawmills, and upgrade them too. Iron can be acquired with more iron mines, and gold can be acquired with more gold mines. Upgrade both your iron mines and your gold mines to get more iron and gold.

If you really want to speed up your resource-earning and take a more active role in the game, tap on each of your resource-producing buildings whenever you see a “+10” above them, to collect bonus resources that each one of them produces. In addition, the top left button on the main city screen opens up a menu that allows you to collect 100 of a specific resource every minute and a half, so be sure to collect from that as often as possible.

Last but certainly not least, go into the map area and send your troops out to conquer resource colonies such as forests, ironmines, goldmines and farms. There are small, medium and large variations of all four of these, and any one that you conquer will be used to provide resources to your city. They can be reconquered by other players, though, so if they do, conquer them all over again.