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Lord of the Dragons for iOS: How to get more Gold, Royal Seals and Coins

In Lord of the Dragons, coins are your regular form of currency. They are nothing spectacular, but they will buy you most of the basics of what you need, such as weapons, armor and experience boxes. Gold, on the other hand, is your premium form of currency, and it will buy you many, many nice things, such as gold box keys, premium weapons and armor, and items that let you regain your energy and stamina. Royal Seals give you a 100 percent shot at getting a card that you have just battled. Read on for information on how to get more of all three!

Gold is the most valuable resource in the game, and the hardest to earn. In fact, there is no actual way of “earning” gold at the moment. There is no saying what the makers of the game will put in as part of a limited time promotion in the future, but gold can only be purchased in the store at the current moment. That said, it is definitely worth the price for what it can buy you, such as Azure Fairies and gold box keys.

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Royal Seals are rare, but there are a number of ways that you can earn them in the game. For example, they can be earned every so often as a login bonus, since your bonus changes every day. Sending out fairies to collect treasures, especially fairies which take awhile longer to do their thing, also has a shot at earning you more Royal Seals. You can buy them with Friend P that you can earn by inviting people to the game, but you can also earn them through special events that go on in the Campaign area of the Menu.

To earn more Coins, you have many ways to go about it. One of your quickest ways of earning coins is to fight, kill, and rob other players, although you will be put on another guild’s kill list if you do this (and if you get killed and robbed, you will lose coins). However, if you are strong enough to pull this off without getting killed en masse while you are offline, then go for it.

If not, then fighting and killing a player without robbing them will also earn you coins quickly. Other quick ways to earn coins include questing as often as possible and sending fairies out as often as possible, since both of them will earn you lots of coins over time.