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Rival Knights – How to get more social seals and royal seals

Gameloft has just released Rival Knights, and it brings the old medieval practice of jousting onto the iPhone, iPad and Android in great detail, with it being obvious that a lot of money was spent on this game. Royal seals are the primary form of “energy” when it comes to the main stages, while social seals are used to battle against other players in the various events. Read on for some tips on how to get more of both of these!

The main way to get more of each seal is to simply wait for them to be rejuvenated. It really doesn’t take all that long to do. It only takes around six minutes for each one to be regenerated when they are used. Play the single player mode when you run out of social seals, and play the multiplayer modes when you run out of royal seals.

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Connect the game to Facebook and if you have any friends who play the game, make them your allies. Once they are your allies, you can ask them for royal seals and social seals, and they can send them to you. Don’t accept them until you need them. You can also send them to your friends, and you should, as often as possible.

If you don’t have any friends who play this game, and you don’t want to send invites to anyone, then go to the comments section of this page, the Facebook page for this or Gameloft, or the app stores or other “Add Me” pages. You can either post a request to be added, or you can add people who have already posted a request. All the more people to send energy to.

There are specific stages in the single player mode that, when you beat them, will earn you a free rejuvenation of royal seals only (not the social seals). Wait to play these stages until you have the lowest possible total of royal seals, so that you can get the biggest bonus, because no matter how many you have when you play, you will always get a full refill.

Other than that, you have to purchase social seals or royal seals. To do either or, tap on the one that you want (at the top of the screen) and you will be able to purchase more of each using diamonds. However, it’s best to just be patient and save your diamonds for better equipment.

Finally, you can sometimes get them back immediately for free with the time lapse cheat. Set the time too far ahead, and the game will resync with the server and cause you to lose your free seals. So it’s best to only set the time ahead by 15 minutes or less at a time to prevent this from happening.