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Rival Knights – Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide, Page 3

Even if you have the money for new equipment, don’t purchase any new equipment until you really need it, and until you unlock whatever you can get via the sponsored battles. Anything that you unlock in the sponsored battles will be cheaper and far more effective than the standard armor/weapons/horses that you can buy. And if you purchase equipment before you need it, oftentimes you’ll waste a lot of money that could have been spent on far more effective equipment later on in the game.

There are two ways to earn rewards in each of the events. One way is to rank high. The higher your rank, the better your prize will be, obviously. The second way is to rack up participation points, which you earn for every one jousting match that you engage in. These are far more time consuming but the more participation points you rack up, the more coins and potentially gemstones (or other designated prizes) that you will end up earning.

You can get social seals the same way that you get royal seals once you run out. If you have allies on Facebook, you can ask your allies for social seals and royal seals. Also, you can set the time ahead in the game to skip the cooldown time and get back some social seals early, but you can’t set the time too far ahead or the game will sync with the server, causing you to lose your free seals.

Another good reason to have friends on Facebook who play the game is that you can earn rewards for what they do in the event modes. Pick three teammates (ideally the most active players that you know) and for every win they get, you get one trumpet. At the same time, every time someone picks you as a teammate and you win, they will earn one trumpet as well.

Earn bonus trumpets in two ways during the events. If you beat your opponent in power, speed, and defense, you will get a shutdown bonus of five trumpets. If your opponent has attacked you before, you will see the word “revenge” next to their name. When you beat them, you’ll get an additional revenge bonus of five trumpets as well.

When you start a match but you haven’t actually taken off yet, you’ll see green and red bars at the top of the screen. The green bar represents your power, and the red bar represents your opponent’s stats, and they are relative to each other. The larger the green bar, the more of an advantage you have, and the larger the red bar, the more of an advantage the enemy has.

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