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Guide to Samurai Empire for Android and iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Samurai Empire is a new cross between a card battling game and a farming/city building game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Your goal in this game is to build up your town into a bustling, resource producing city, build up an army of Samurai generals and troops underneath them, and send them out on battles to gain coins, experience, resources and supplies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Samurai Empire!

If you are having trouble with battles, first, go to your card deck and optimize both your attack and defense decks if you haven’t already. Your best bet is to have the game auto optimize your decks for you. Then, click on each card in your deck individually and use your resources to assign troops to each card. The more troops that each card has, the stronger that they will be in battle.

Maximize your resources by doing the following. First, move one of your resource-producing buildings out to the middle of your village, in the middle of nowhere. Then, surround it completely with fall trees or some other kind of tree that increases the production output by 1 percent (or preferably more) each. Then, start jobs at all of your resource producing buildings and wait for them to be produce. Collect from the one that’s surrounded, then move it out of the way. Move another ready building into the middle of the trees, and collect from that one too. Repeat for all resource producing buildings.

If you have the coins to do so, buy a whole bunch of gardens and do the same trick. If you surround a building with 5 gardens, you can collect up to 45% more output per building, since each garden is worth a 9 percent increase.

Wait to collect on any quests that you complete until you run out of energy. Then, after you run out of energy, start collecting from the quests all at once. Each quest that you collect from earns you experience points in addition to the listed prizes, so there’s a good chance that you’ll gain another experience level just from collecting on all of them.