Samurai Siege: Part 2 of the Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

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Now that your city is producing and is defended, you need to build up your army. You can do this via the army buildings. The dojo is where you train your troops, and the practice yard is where you store your troops that have already been trained, but haven’t been sent into battle yet. Buildings that can be unlocked from the map are the blacksmith, which allows you to level up your troops and increase their stats; the scroll statue, which lets you cast spells in battle; and the alliance portal, which lets your alliance send troops to you.

You’ll notice two ruins of buildings in your base, as well. The ancient temple, when repaired, can level up the scroll statue’s spells, as well as your mystical troops, which are unlocked far later in the game; and the alliance portal ruins, which turn into an alliance portal when they are repaired.

Every building can be upgraded to a certain level, and there is a maximum number of any building that can be built. Upgrade your castle in order to increase the maximum number of each building, be it a production, army or defense building, as well as the maximum upgrade levels.

The first troop that you start out with is the Samurai, which has relatively high health, low attack power and moves slowly. More troops are unlocked via the quest battles. Ninjas will target resource buildings first, and they do higher damage and are faster but have less health. Rams are expensive, and take up more space in the practice yard. They target walls first, and they knock out sections of all with just one hit, then they split up and attack other buildings with hammers, doing relatively little damage.

Commanders are next, and each commander will command 5 troops to target the enemy’s defensive units (except for Ninjas, just do their own thing). They do moderate damage on their own as well. Archers do medium damage, have low health, and have a long-range attack that can shoot over walls. Oni trolls have extremely high health and damage, and a short range attack. Essence masters have high health, extremely high damage, and a long-range attack.

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