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Castle Clash: Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Castle Clash! Castle Clash is the rare game to have become a hit on the Android platform before it even saw release on iOS, but now, it’s a huge hit on the iPhone and iPad as well. You may have already played similar games such as Clash of Clans and Samurai Siege, but there is a lot to Castle Clash that makes it different from those two and from numerous other games of the same genre. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Castle Clash!

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Like most games of the genre, there are two main resources that you can get in Castle Clash. Gold and Mana, your two main resources, are used to construct all of your buildings, with Mana bearing the additional responsibility of being used to train new troops. Building up your base will be priority number one,and that starts with acquiring more gold and mana. Build gold mines and mana mills to make this happen, and build the gold vault and mana vault to store it. Upgrade these and build more of these to increase your collection amounts and your capacities.

The next most important building is the town hall, which is central to everything you do. You only get one town hall, and the more you upgrade it, the more of every building that you unlock. Plus, you unlock new buildings this way, too. The upgrades are quite expensive, but they are worth it.

Next up are the “attack” buildings – the army camp, the hero base, the arena, the heroes’ altar and the relic hall. The army camps act as both the training and housing areas for your troops. Heroes’ altars will let you train heroes while hero bases are where your heroes will stay when they aren’t in battle. Arenas will let you engage in arena battles (heroes vs heroes). Just as importantly, the arena will earn you a niche currency called HB (hero badges) every hour, just by existing.

The training ground can count as an attack building, too, but you can only build one of them. These allow you to upgrade your armies. Troop upgrades are an expensive endeavor and they take a LONG time to complete, but not only will they boost all of your future troops’ stats (of the specified troop type), they will boost the stats of troops that are already inside your army camps. Plus, with enough upgrades you can unlock new troops, which are specified inside of the training ground.

Defense buildings will, just as the name says, contribute to the defense of your base against attacks from other players. The watchtower will shoot at opposing troops. The wall will provide an extra layer of defense to your base. Bomb traps will set off whenever troops get to close to them, and hero traps will set off whenever a hero gets to close to them. Both will do massive amounts of damage to their inadvertant targets, and both will stay invisible to other players’ eyes right up until the moment that they are activated.

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