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Castle Clash Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Castle Clash is a reverse tower defense style strategy game that originally became a smash hit on the Android platform, and has most recently been released on iOS. Your goal in this game is to build up your base, strengthen your army, collect gold and mana, and compete against other players and against computer-controlled bases in the storyline mode in order to become one of the best players in the world. Read on for some tips and tricks for Castle Clash!

Unlike many other games of this genre, after a battle is finished, you won’t lose every single troop that you deployed during the battle. Instead, the ones that didn’t die in the battle will go back to your army camp and are usable again in the next fight. Always send in the maximum possible amount of troops during a battle. Continually upgrade your army camp in order to increase the maximum amount of troops that you can send at one time.

Because of the ability for troops to regenerate, you will usually use your gold a lot faster than you will use your mana. Even out your usage by upgrading your gold vault and gold mine faster than you upgrade your mana mill and your mana vault. Eventually, however, your usage of the two resources will even out, especially once you start to unlock more advanced troops in the army camp.

Don’t use your gems all at once. Save it for later on in the game, because the higher that you upgrade each building and the more troops you have, the longer that your waiting times will be. One easy way to get more free gems is to click on the prize icon in the top left corner of the screen, three icons down. It will be below your might counter and your honor badges counter. Tap on it and one of the offers will be for 100 free gems to share the game with friends. Click it, and even if you don’t do any sharing, you will still be credited with 100 free treasure.

Strategize your defense by placing your buildings as close together as possible. This makes them a lot easier to defend, and makes it easier to put down some strategically placed bomb traps in order to do heavy amounts of damage to the enemy. This also makes it much easier to surround your entire base with walls. Your gold and mana buildings, as well as your Town hall, are the most important buildings you have, so try to place them closer to the center. Place your army camps close to the center as well, and make sure it is always full of troops, because those troops will come out and defend your base whenever you get attacked. Same with your hero camps.

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