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Castle Clash: Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

Welcome to part three of the Castle Clash beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Out of the standard battles, you can play either PvE or PvP (player vs player) style. Dungeons normally don’t carry a whole lot of mana and gold, but they can earn you HB and Hero Shards. Plus, they can also unlock goodies such as hero upgrades. If you have not beaten enough dungeons and earned enough stars, your heroes will end up stuck at a certain level (multiple of 20).

Player vs player battles will earn you FAR more mana and gold, and depending on your goals, they can be even easier to beat. Player selection is random and will be based on the amount of might that you have. If a player looks a little too tough for you, you can pay a small amount of gold in order to skip. You can guarantee a win in either type of battle by destroying the town hall, or by achieving a destruction rating of 50%. 100% destruction will earn you three stars. If you’re overmatched in any battle, you can pull your troops, and the remaining ones will survive to fight another day.

In addition to heroes and armies, magic can be used in battle. Magic can be purchased in the relic hall, and the more that you upgrade the hall, the more different types of magic will become available for you to purchase, and the more magic slots that you can have at one time. You will never be able to win an entire battle using nothing but magic, but it can provide an edge in a close fight.

Defending your base is a whole other can of worms. Base defense is accomplished with your defense structures (walls, watchtowers, traps), but also with your hero bases and your army camps. Any troop and hero stationed at your camps or bases will attack troops who get too close, and are arguably more dangerous than the watchtowers. The more you upgrade the camps and bases, the greater your heroes’ range in defense will be.

Gems, as previously mentioned, can be earned not just from buying them, but using the free gems menu, the button that looks like a christmas present in the upper left corner of the screen. Go here and many quests will appear, with a certain list of requirements, and if you have met any of the requirements, you will be able to collect the gems. Plus, you can go here to do tasks for free gems, and even to see all of the events that you can participate in.

That’s all for Castle Clash! Enjoy the game!

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