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Idle Egg Factory 3D: Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Idle Egg Factory 3D is a new game where you run a production line with chickens that produce eggs. You can sell these eggs for money, upgrade your production lines, start new lines, and gradually build up an entire farm with cows, pigs, and more. You can earn money, gems, and purchase a nearly endless amount of upgrades.

Read on for some tips and cheats for Idle Egg Factory 3D!

The income in this game is completely idle, so there is no active gameplay that you can do that will change the amount that you earn. Instead, your focus is on upgrading things in the background. You’ll start off by upgrading your production line, and then eventually, adding new production lines.

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Add new production lines as quickly as possible, because they have the potential to make you a lot of money compared to the ones that you already have. The more production lines that you have, the faster you can upgrade your income and the higher your ceiling will be here.

Be sure to go to the lab as well to unlock various forms of research. Some of the research costs coins, while other research costs gems. Both of these forms of research have value and impact, though, so purchase both types.

When you upgrade one of your production lines to level 25, you will have the option to reset it by watching an advertisement video. This will give you a profit multiplier on that production line, while resetting the upgrade level to one. Each upgrade will cost the same as it did before, which means that at this point in the game it will be cheap to upgrade to your old level again, so the reset is literally always worth it.

Offline income in this game is very generous. You earn as much per minute when you are off-line as you are when you are online, and you can watch an advertisement video in order to double your offline earnings. Because of this, it’s often more lucrative to let income build up offline then online.

What this means for you is that you can shut the game off for a while, then come back to the game and watch an advertisement video. Do all of the upgrades that you can afford, then repeat the previous steps. Eventually, you will be earning a nearly unlimited amount of money.

Be sure to complete the daily tasks; you have three of them at a time, and when you complete these quests, the one that you have just completed will be swapped out for a different one. Each daily task gives you free gems in exchange for completing it, and these gyms can be used to purchase advanced research , as well as other goodies.