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Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle – Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle is a new ship battling game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a pirate, and your goal is to battle it out against other ships, collecting barrels and gold, hire a crew, collect rum, explore, and even defeat the Kraken. You can gradually go for a week new bee pirate to the most powerful buccaneer in the seven seas.

Read on for some tips and cheats for Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle!

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Your ship is going to be weak at first, so be sure to use smart battle tactics in order to win. Use hit and run tactics, and get out of the line of fire when your Health starts to get low. After that, sit still in your Health will regenerate.

In order to make quick progress and earn lots of coins, be sure to always complete the given missions. Not only will you earn gold, but you will also earn rum as a reward, which is important for reasons that will go over later.

You have many upgrade options on your ship, consisting of health, power, number of guns, cargo, and speed. Upgrade cargo first and upgrade it fast, so that you can hold a massive amount of barrels. The more barrels that you can hold, the more that you will be able to sell at a time and earn money.

The other hugely important upgrade is the number of guns. This automatically multiplies The damage that you deal, so while it is an expensive upgrade, it will make you extraordinarily powerful and will also double the amount of boost that you get from the power upgrades.

There are a number of things that you cannot unlock using gold. The shipyard, of course, is where you can upgrade your ship. The lighthouse will allow you to see farther on the map, find more powerful ships and bosses, and earn a much larger treasure. The lighthouse can be upgraded directly by using barrels; you can’t use gold in order to upgrade the lighthouse.

Your crew is also a very important component of your ship, because each pirate that you hire provides their own unique set of boosts. Rum can be used to level up your Pirates, which increases their stats and averse the amount of boost that they provide you.

You can also promote your pirates in order to increase their rarity level, as well as their base stats by a large margin. In order to promote a pirate, you need three identical pirate cards.

In order to get new pirates and pirate cards without having to spend any of your gems, go to the market and look for the small pirate chest advertisement video offers. You get 10 of these per day, and these allow you to watch and add a video in exchange for a small pirate chest. While it might not seem like a lot, these chests add up significantly over the course of the game.

You can earn gems for free in exchange for completing missions. This is the main way to earn free gems, although the fastest way to collect gems will be making in-app purchases.

Parrots are another currency that you can earn, but these can only be purchased. There is no way to earn them without spending real life money. Each parrot allows you to earn one reward that normally would be reserved for after you watch an advertisement video, except you won’t actually have to watch the video.