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Bucket Crusher: Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Bucket Crusher is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that is all about the distraction of a brick wall. You use a circular saw attached to a cherry picker to knock bricks off of the wall, and these bricks earn you cash. You can then do all sorts of upgrades to your machine in order to more swiftly and efficiently destroy bricks.

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Read on for some tips and tricks for Bucket Crusher!

To play the game efficiently and earn the most money possible, first, cut almost all the way through the bottom part of the wall, but stop before cutting all the way through the other side. This makes it so that none of the bricks can escape from the machine. If the bricks don’t get collected by the machine, then they don’t get counted for money.

When you purchase the upgrade to extend the length, you will be able to cut through more portions of the wall. Do the same trick here and cut through the middle first, but leave the edges alone so that none of the bricks escape from the machine. Don’t start cutting through the edges until you’re ready to beat the level after enough upgrades.

You have a limited amount of fuel when you play a level, and when you run out of fuel, it’s game over. If you’re not moving your machine, though, no fuel gets used. When you’re about to run out of fuel, lift your finger and let every possible brick enter the machine for maximum money.

There are a number of things that you can upgrade as you earn cash. You can upgrade the length of the arm, the size of the saw, the power, and the amount of fuel that your machine holds. You’re going to need to do all of these upgrades in order to beat each level.

You can do additional upgrades on a different menu, as well. Upgrade the treadmill of your machine in order to allow it to process bricks faster, which enables you to feed it more bricks without them overflowing and going over the top of the machine. You can also increase your maximum fuel and your multiplier for every piece of cash that you earn.

You can unlock a number of skins as you make your way through the game. These skins are purely cosmetic; they will not change the gameplay at all. They simply allow you to customize your vehicle.

At the end of each level, you will be offered a video ad that will either triple your income or completely refuel you. Watch the video to triple your income if you already had a big earning round. Watch the video to refuel if your arm is long enough to destroy enough bricks to beat the level.