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Bucket Crusher: Guide to Unlocking All Skins

Bucket Crusher is the new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you use a buzzsaw that’s attached to a cherry picker in order to destroy a brick wall. With each brick that you knock off of the wall, you earn money, and then that money can be used to upgrade various elements of your machine.

There are a number of different skins that you can unlock in order to change the appearance of the buzzsaw and off the machine itself. The skins don’t change the gameplay, they only change the appearance; and the gameplay remains the same, but the skins allow you to customize your machine.

Read on for a guide to unlocking every skin that’s available in Bucket Crusher!

As follows, here is a list of the skins and what you have to do in order to unlock them:

Basic: this is the standard skin that the machine comes with. You do not have to do anything in order to unlock it.

Candy: to unlock this skin, all that you have to do is complete one single level. Once the level is beaten, you will unlock this skin automatically.

Plant: this skin looks like a piranha plant from Super Mario Bros. In order to unlock this one, simply beat three levels. Once you beat the third level, this skin will unlock.

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Rocks: in order to unlock this skin, accumulate a total of $10,000 throughout the course of playing the game. This is over the course of multiple times playing, not simply one time. After you earn your $10,000, then this skin will unlock.

Lasers: in order to unlock this skin, you have to accumulate $50,000 over the course of playing the game. This is over multiple plays, not one single play.

Super Hero: this skin looks like the Captain America shield. In order to unlock this skin, play the game at least one time over the course of two consecutive days.

Unicorn: in order to unlock this skin, simply play the game until you have enough money to upgrade your size 5 times total. After the fifth upgrade, you will get the skin.

Windmill: in order to unlock the windmill skin, earn enough money to upgrade your size 10 times. After you complete the tenth upgrade, this skin will automatically be unlocked.

Diamond: this is the final scan that you will be able to unlock in the game. In order to unlock the diamond skin, simply play the game one time or more each for five consecutive days. After the first time that you play on the fifth day, this skin will unlock.