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Attack Hole: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Attack Hole is a wildly popular game for the iOS and Android platforms where do you control a sentient hole. Your goal is to eat as much ammunition as you can, then after the level ends, to spit the ammunition back out in order to defeat the boss. There is a nearly unlimited number of stages in this game, as well as a multitude of new weapons to unlock. You can earn coins and gems, as well as unlock a ton of new skins.

Read on for a list of tips and cheats for Attack Hole!

Generally, your best bet is to start with the smaller munitions first. As you grow in size, you will be able to more easily eat the larger munitions, but at the beginning, eating the big ones will either be slow or you won’t be able to do it at all.

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When the level is over, you’re going to lose against the boss a number of times before you win. After you do, you will earn a number of coins. You can multiply them by anywhere between one and a half and three times by watching an advertisement video, or you can skip the video and simply take the coins that you earned.

Use these coins to upgrade the timer, the size, and the power of your weapons. The timer upgrade allows you to stay in the level for a longer period of time, the size upgrade allows you to start from a larger bass size, and the power upgrade allows you to do more damage per shot.

If you want to stay in the level for a longer period of time instead of just beating the boss as quickly as possible, then the best way to do that is to skip the power upgrade. However, the game will only allow you to do that for so long before it forces you to upgrade the power.

There are many different skins that you can unlock. None of them affect the gameplay at all, they simply change the appearance of your hole. Some of them can be unlocked by playing for a while, others can be unlocked by spending gems, and still others can be unlocked by watching a number of advertisement videos.

You can also upgrade the individual munitions that you pick up during each level, and unlike the skins for your character, these skins not only change the appearance, but also add to the attack power. Some of these upgrades can be purchased with gems, while others can be purchased with advertisement videos.

When you are facing off against the boss, you do not have to fire off all of your munitions before the boss gets to the hole. If the boss gets close enough, then it will fire off all of its munitions automatically without you having to do anything.