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Fight For America: Defense War – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Fight For America: Defense War is a new tower defense game for the iOS and Android platforms where you fight in a version of the United States that has been taken over by a foreign power. California is the only free state left, and your goal is to work your way through all 50 states, one by one, freeing each of them from the invaders. You can earn coins and bucks as you go, as well as unlocking new weapons, upgrading everything, and facing off against tougher and tougher enemies.

Read on for a list of tips and cheats for Fight For America: Defense War!

In general, your main attacks will be those used by your character. You start off with one type of gun, and as you gain experience levels and coins, you will not only be able to upgrade your character, which will increase their health and speed, but also upgrade your weapon, which will increase the attack power and firing rate.

You can even unlock new weapons, such as the shotgun, which have different characteristics, such as area damage and rapid fire. Unlike hero and weapon upgrades, these generally unlock after you beat a certain number of states, although you can unlock them early in exchange for cash.

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Stand on the little coin circles around your country in order to add weapon towers to the map. Once the weapon tower is added to the map, another small circle will appear next to it, and if you stand in that circle, you can upgrade it’s attack power and firing rate.

The large building with the “H” on it is your headquarters. Your goal is to stop your headquarters from getting blown up by the enemy. Your headquarters moves every time that you unlock a new state, and if there are defense towers that you haven’t unlocked yet but are now behind your head quarters, then don’t bother with unlocking them; save your coins instead.

In order to play this game without advertisements, all that you have to do is turn off the cellular and Wi-Fi data on your phone, or set it into airplane mode. Do this and then open the app, because the app needs an internet connection in order to load advertisements, so if it doesn’t have an internet connection, then it won’t be able to.

You can earn free box and coins at any time during the game. Simply go to the store man you and scroll to the bottom and you will be able to collect them over periods of time. Additionally, you can collect more free coins and bucks by watching advertisement videos in the same menu.