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Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you get to build your own hospital. You can construct your hospital and add furniture and machines to it by using coins and stars, but in order to get those, you have to play a Hospital Dash game, similar to Diner Dash. Your goal is to build the biggest and most successful hospital that you can, or you can simply play through the mini games and ignore the main game if all that you want is the puzzles.

Read on for a list of tips and tricks for Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor!

The premise of the game starts off fairly simply, especially in the tutorial. The doctor will tell you what he wants to add to the hospital next, and then you play a puzzle to earn a star and coins. After you have enough coins and stars, you will be able to add the piece of furniture and complete the quest, then get the request for the new one.

As you continue forward with the puzzles, more furniture and machinery will automatically be added to the game hospital in exchange for stars, which will mean more stuff for you to do. Be sure to keep up with all of the movements that you have to do, including the cleaning of the beds, so that you can finish as fast as possible and earn coins as quickly as possible.

Whenever you get the opportunity to build a new piece of equipment, you will typically get the choice to choose between three different styles. The choice is for purely aesthetic purposes; the style that you choose has no bearing on the gameplay at all. Just choose the styles that you think look the best.

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At any time during the game, tap on the doctor in order to see what new devices and pieces of furnitureare available that requires a star in order to get. This way, you will know what new tasks you are going to be doing during the next round. If you have been saving your stars, you can even unlock multiples of them at once.

Also at any time, you can tap the nurse in order to view multiple different types of menus. The achievement menu will allow you to collect diamonds in exchange for achievements and quests that you complete during the game. These achievements are based on all sorts of different actions that you complete throughout the game, and the frequency with which you do them; the higher the frequency, the more achievements you can unlock and the more gems you can earn.

You can also watch small videos of the nurse and her time at the hospital, as this is her first main career job. As you progress through the game, you will unlock more of these videos that show her career progression, not only in the hospital that you start off in, but as you move from city to city and hospital to hospital.

Additionally, as you complete collections of patients, you will be able to earn free coins and gems. Each collection of patients contains four different types of patients; when you run across a patient during the main game, they will get added to the repertoire. Complete the entire collection of four in order to earn coins and diamonds for free.

One of the best ways to earn more coins and diamonds is to complete the daily rewards, which can be completed eight times per day. In order to do this, tap on the video icon in the top right area of the screen, then watch the video. Not only can you earn a significant amount of diamonds, but you can often earn more points that you can even during the levels.

Complete the daily rewards as many times as you can per day and the diamonds and coins will build up rapidly. You will be able to upgrade everything in your hospital, complete each level far more quickly, and make a significant amount more money than you would otherwise.

Of course, you’re going to have to have a strong internet connection in order to make these videos work. If you are trying to watch them and they are not working, then go somewhere where your internet connection is stronger, or connect to a Wi-Fi network, then try watching them again and they will play.

As you make your way forward through the game, you will unlock all sorts of new cities, which you can find by tapping on the bottom left corner of the screen. You have to complete a number of requirements in order to unlock the next city. Often, after you unlock it, you will also unlock a new game mode, such as the endless mode when you unlock the second city.

If you only want to play the main puzzle game, then you can simply ignore your own hospital, the doctor, and the nurse, and play as many rounds as you want to. You can keep playing until your lives run out, and then you can, if you want to, complete quests in your own hospital using all of the stars that you collect.

Even if you only want to play the puzzle portions of the game, you can still save all of the currencies and other prizes for if you run out of energy. If you run out of lives, then you can spend your time upgrading and doing all sorts of other things around the game, since they don’t cost lives.

Before you begin each level, you will be able to sort through all of the upgrades that are available to you, which includes things like the pharmacy, beds, doctor speed, revenue, and more. The best upgrades are typically the ones that affect the most patients, so things like beds and the pharmacy tend to be best, but it’s also good to work from the cheapest upgrade upwards so that you can get the most possible upgrades for the least amount of money. You can also find the “recommended“ upgrade button on your screen.

As you complete more rounds and unlock more stuff, you will also be able to unlock more upgrade slots, including the patience upgrades. These upgrades will increase the patience of your patients, so that they won’t get angry as quickly and will still be content and more willing to leave a tip even if they get stuck in line for a while.

Lives are the form of energy that is given throughout the game; if you start a level and then win, you will keep all of your lives, but if you start a level and then quit or lose, you will lose a life. if you start a round and then decide to end the round early before you meet all of the requirements to beat the level, you may also lose a life.

There are many ways to get more lives for free, such as watching advertisement videos in order to restore one life per video. You can also spend diamonds in order to restore all five of your lives at once, although this is generally considered to be a poor use of diamonds, because it’s temporary. You also have the option to simply wait until the lives rejuvenate, which takes about half an hour per life.

It might also be possible to use the time lapse cheat and set the time ahead on your phone or tablet in order to get more lives instantly without having to spend anything; before you try to do this, though, be aware that there is the risk of either messing things up on your phone, or getting banned from the game by the developers. Tread wisely.

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and there are plenty of ways to earn more of them for free. Login bonuses and bonuses for winning particular levels or opening chests are one of the best ways to earn diamonds for free; another way to do so is to watch advertisement videos in the free diamonds area. You get up to eight free diamond pulls per day, each of which requires an advertisement video, and each of which will earn you 10 diamonds per video, for a total of 80 diamonds per day minimum.

You can also earn free coins and diamonds by building collections of patients. Various different patients fit in two different collections in categories, and each time you complete a collection, you will earn free diamonds, free coins, or both. Patients pop up randomly, and if you beat the level, then they are saved to your memory, but if you don’t, then they’re not.

Not only can you change your username and your profile picture, but you can also change the accessories that come along with your avatar and picture, such as your robot, float, balloon, and more. These are purely cosmetic and will not change the game played at all, but it’s fun to collect them all.

So how do you get robots, floats, balloons, and new avatar frames? Whenever the time-limited special events come along, be sure to participate in them to the maximum extent possible, because these are where 95% of the above bonuses are earned. You can earn a few of them from login bonuses too, but most of them come from special events.

If you missed one of the special events that you normally would use to gain avatars, floats, robots, or balloons, then simply wait and the developers will likely bring it back at some point. You can also wait until new events are added to the game, because they will typically come with new decorations that you can unlock.

As you continue to make your way through the game, a whole bunch of new games within will unlock, such as the matching game. Play these games both for the fun on their own and for the rewards that they will give you that go toward the main game. There are tons of levels built into some of these side games, but the main game is the one that will advance the story.

Even though the traditional hospital dash is the main gameplay, the other gameplay from the side of missions is just as important. It merely presents more ways for you to earn coins and diamonds, and you can even earn a free unlimited energy for it.

Deborah Warren

Monday 7th of August 2023

My avatar doctors start to sweat - what am I suppose to do?


Sunday 1st of October 2023

@Deborah Warren, you have to upgrade your avatar doctors


Friday 28th of July 2023

I'm stuck trying to prevent the weather effects. I know how to turn on the fans but can't figure out how to prevent them altogether. Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA


Tuesday 4th of July 2023

I keep losing patients. They are out of patience. Help!!!! It’s that X-RAY holding me up. Help


Friday 28th of July 2023

@Lori, you can upgrade the work time of the devices when you are choosing upgrades before playing a level.